Official list of Workshops taking place at Convene during #SMWNYC

This year at Social Media Week New York, our second venue, Convene, will feature Workshop events throughout the day on Tuesday and Wednesday for attendees. It also has co-working space and WiFi for you to take advantage of.

Please note, the Workshops taking place at Convene will not be available on SMW Insider (either live or on-demand).

From best practices in Facebook marketing and new content metrics to understand, to lessons on building community and Bot Making 101, here are all the Workshop events taking place at Convene during #SMWNYC:

1. The Pursuit of Meaningful Content (Pinterest)

Get inspired by creative examples that show how brands can move people from inspiration to action on Pinterest, and walk away with new ideas for creating engaging video and dynamic creative.

2. Breaking Down The Facebook Auction: How To Combat Inflated CPMs and Bigger Budgets to Deliver More Sales In 2017 (Croud)

This session will break down everything from how Facebook auctions work. Learn new approaches to Facebook bid management, creative testing and audience fatigue. Attendees will also gain actionable insights to take away and implement on their Facebook marketing campaigns the next day.

3. How To Use Bitly Beyond Shortening & Branding (Bitly)

Each month, five billion unique browsers engage with Bitly links, and 300 million links are created through the platform. This session with Bitly’s Senior Content and Community Manager, Denise Chan, will unpack the top 10 metrics of your Bitly dashboard, and how to use Bitly for A/B testing, UTM codes, and other data-focused capabilities.

4. How to Get the Market to Do Your Marketing for You (iris Worldwide)

89% of advertising is not noticed or remembered at all. So, how can brands cut through the noise, get noticed and have the market make the noise for them? In this workshop we’ll explore the Participation Brand Index, a recent study of 140 global brands conducted by iris Worldwide. Attendees will learn the five pillars that make up a participation brand and why they’re key to success.

5. Listen, Analyze, Inform: Pulling Human Insights from Online Interactions (Ready Set Rocket)

This workshop focuses on social listening, social analytics and their impact on the customer journey. Attendees will learn how today’s marketers are mining human insights from data and using that knowledge to effectively communicate with modern consumers to drive bottom line ROI.

6. Share Rate is King (BabyFirst)

BabyFirst’s General Manager, Yuval Rechter, will discuss the importance of “Share Rate” for exponential and organic growth on your social channels. This data-driven approach to custom content production finds what resonates with your target audience and optimizes for shares.

7. Make Customers Work For You: How To Increase User Generated Content (ClassPass)

In this session, we’ll go over the importance of user generated content (UGC) and how to increase it. With UGC, your business is not only getting free word-of-mouth marketing but you’re also getting unique, quality content for your own channels. Cara Friedman (Head of Social Media, ClassPass) will lead this workshop.

8. Objective Based Marketing: Using Creative Sequencing To Drive Sales (mllnnl)

Consumers need to see the right creative at the right time in the right place. In this panel featuring top paid social experts from invite-only millennial marketing agency, mllnnl, we’ll discuss when to shift measurement away from the sale, creative sequencing best practices, and the future of paid social planning.

9. Facebook Automated Campaign Management: Let Facebook Do the Work for You (General Assembly)

Get a step by step walkthrough on how to create Automated Rules on Facebook, and learn when to pause campaigns, or when to receive performance notifications. This session is hosted by General Assembly.

10. Millennial Manager Bootcamp (Butterfly)

Millennials comprise the largest share of the U.S. workforce and nearly a third of them (and growing) are in management positions .In this 60-minute bootcamp, you’ll learn the essential traits of a strong leader and what tools and support are needed to develop your talents over time.

11. Bot Making 101 (Dexter)

This workshop will provide attendees with a step-by-step tutorial on how to build and launch a functioning chatbot, without needing any previous coding experience. By the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with a clear understanding of what a bot is, what it can do, and how brands and businesses can leverage this technology.

12. The Science Behind Building & Maintaining Your Brand Voice and Tone (Contently)

Many brands struggle with maintaining a strong and consistent voice across multiple communication channels. This session, hosted by Contently’s CMO Kelly Wenzel, will provide a solution by introducing attendees to the ‘Science of Voice and Tone’ – a method that uses natural language processing tools to quantify a brand’s unique voice and tone.

13. Keys to Digital Transformation: Best Practices from Sprinklr, SAP, and Nasdaq (Nasdaq)

In this session, we will cover an overview of the latest industry trends in social media space, followed with real-world examples of how two, enterprise companies created best-in-class corporate social media strategy programs, including their overall approach and key lessons learned.

14. Putting Digital Back In The Boardroom: Making Digital Metrics Matter (iris Worldwide)

This workshop will focus on fostering more interest in your work internally, as well as new ways for presenting campaign performance that makes your clients look better than ever before. You’ll learn the difference between a KPI and a measurement metric, and how to present results of a complex program in a single page that executives can follow and make sense of.

15. Connecting Deeper with Social: Ways to Avoid Becoming the New Banner Ad (Swift)

In a workshop by digital agency Swift’s Rick Albano – one of the minds behind social media efforts of Starbucks, Adidas, Nestle, and Pandora among others – he will explore how brands and agencies can connect deeper with social, to both create an emotional connection and drive business results.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 to March 3. HQ passes are sold out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.