Hub Spotlight: Red Bull

Social Media Week New York begins next week and posts this week will include overviews of each of the five Content Hubs, which is where much of the programming is taking place.

If you’re looking for a side of entertainment with your social media; then the Entertainment, Gaming & Sports Hub hosted at Red Bull is the place for you next week! In addition to daily happy hours, a gaming center, and an appearance from the world renowned Funk Master Flex; The Red Bull Hub will also house some fantastic events hosted by Spin Media, Buzz Media, CMJ, and more!  Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

On Monday, you can start your day at Red Bull by attending a panel examining how entertainment news is shifting industry operations, and how companies are responding to the growth of user-generated feedback and collaboration.

Then head over to the Red Bull Gaming Lounge for Happy Hour to experience the latest releases, including a top secret mobile app sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Afterwords, you can reach across continental divides to the shores of Africa, with a panel on the influence of social media and music, and the cultural change they’re engendering throughout the region.

Tuesday morning starts with a discussion facilitated by BUZZMEDIA on social media as a skeleton key to bypass the traditional gatekeepers of the music industry.  You can hear about the innovative focus this sector has taken on with the efforts of artists’ grassroots marketing campaigns from the experts themselves.

Take a break at the Red Bull Happy Hour after, and indulge with a variety of console and mobile apps sure to keep you riveted.

Ever wanted to know what happens after the success of a Web 2.0 campaign for artists, companies and celebrities? Close the day with a panel hosted by Red Bull on the the future of app development featuring panelists from, Gowalla, Buzzd and Edelman Digital.

Start your Wednesday off learning how to grow Brand You by attending  Tweet Like the Stars also hosted by BUZZMEDIA  Hear an in-depth discussion on savvy celebrity marketing, and how Twitter keeps your love of Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher buzzing in 140 characters or less.  You can then join Spin Media for a lunchtime delivery of mobile technology and the evolution of the live music experience from a diverse group of company reps .

Still not head your gaming fix from Monday and Tuesday?  After the mobile forum, gear up again for the Red Bull Gaming Lounge for Happy Hour.

Once you’re gamed out, finish the day with a forum on leveraging social media to effectively build a brand for your band hosted by CMJ.

Kick off Thursday by exploring a career change with Ian Wyatt (aka Enable), a 17-year old professional Halo player.  Then head over to another Spin Media panel on the process of discovering and establishing music talent, cultivated through innovative social media marketing strategies and search engine preferences.

Meet Enable: the 17-year-old pro Halo player...jealous?

Start your weekend early with Happy Hour on Friday; head over to Red Bull with one last, extended gaming session with a cornucopia of apps, your choice of mobile or console.

Isabella de Medici is a contributor to the Social Media Week NY Blog.

Hub Spotlight: Google

Social Media Week New York begins next week and posts this week will include overviews of each of the five Content Hubs, which is where much of the programming is taking place.

We are incredibly excited to be partnering up with Google, host to the Science and Technology Hub.  The company continues to remain on the cutting edge of technology rolling out concepts like Google Ideas, a hybrid think tank based in New York, developing policy and solutions based not only on traditional research and analysis, a pragmatic approach to resolving complex, international issues.  Events at Google throughout the week will cover how social media is revolutionizing and complicating human interaction.

What would happen if you couldn’t be single until you changed your relationship status on Facebook? Our cure for the Monday blues is this hilarious session hosted by SpaientNitro, and hear what the experts say would happen if we could only communicate with the same methods used through social media.

Then join Wired Google for the next panel,  on the developing situation in Egypt.  that will cover how citizens are using Web 2.0 technologies to assemble and protest their regimes.

Then you can attend an awesome tech panel hosted by DOTGO, featuring technologies integrating text messages into websites, mobile and other software.

Tuesday takes you to an exciting conversation on the power of crowds, hosted by the UN Global Pulse.  Find out how incredibly diverse groups are, and the influence they have from a grassroots level to international.

Want to know what all those Facebook and Twitter updates are doing to your brain? A Social Media Scientist might be able to tell you at our next event, hosted by Opera Solutions.

Our final event looks at the power of leveraging social media analytics, and how mass collaboration is launching scientific discoveries forward at unprecedented speed.

Come to Google on Friday, and witness a provocative discussion led by Douglas RushkoffErick Schonfeld and Josh Harris.  They’re sure to having a heated talk on how connected we really are to each other through technology, and fodder we’re providing to advertisers with our online content.

Our final event covers how current and emerging technologies are impacting governmental response to a crisis.  Mobile and internet access are redefining global response time and attempting to resolve them at a granular level.

Isabella de Medici, author of, is a contributor to the NY Social Media Week blog.

Hub Focus: Hearst Magazines at Hearst Tower

The Arts & Culture hub, hosted by Hearst Magazines at Hearst Tower, is home to a publishing magnate that revolutionized the media industry.  It is a symbol of this diverse sector, with its innovative architectural design located in the heart of Manhattan.

Still waiting to start your New Year’s resolutions? Join us Monday, which kicks off with a panel hosted by PepsiCo on governmental guidelines, nutrition and how the digital realm is impacting how this information is shared.  After you figure out how to fit back in your skinny jeans, get in touch with your inner fashion guru hosted by Hearst, and see how shared online shopping experiences are influencing fashion/editorial revenue models.  Finish up with an exciting session on brand strategy 2.0 hosted by Hearst, which examines the blurring lines between brands, media and consumers, and how you’re shaping the creation process engaged at every stage of product development.

Get Tuesday started with the chance to be on TV in our Bar Karma workshop hosted by games creator Will Wright (The Sims) and Albie Hecht of Spike TV.  If you liked restoring sanity and/or fear in September 2010 with Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert, check out the afternoon rally hosted by Comedy Central that discusses the integrated, digital strategy used to amass over 250,000 people in Washington, DC with one of the largest volumes of live streams in MTV Networks history.

Engage the global technology community on Wednesday, with a multicultural panel hosted by Freddie Laker, head of digital strategy in Asia for SapientNitro.  You can see how even the furthest country, separated by mere ocean and land, is within your reach with the advent of social media forums and real-time sharing.  Then you can get in touch with your inner rebel in a new age of uprising, hosted by Personal Democracy Forum. Wikileaks revamped infowar in the digital age, and industry experts are predicting an increase in these events. Finally, join our host Hearst to examine celebrity brand strategy’s evolution with social media.  It’s going to be a great discussion on ever-innovating revenue models for web and mobile, and how the the traditional modes of fame are dwindling alongside print media.

It’s time for spring cleaning on Thursday; MTV and Text 100 want to outfit your brand with tailor-made techniques to increase awareness and productivity by concentrating on industry-specific social media forums.

Everyone’s a critic! Our next panel, hosted by Hearst, will whet your appetite for great restaurants and vendors, and our panelists will chat about the growing influence of personal blogs and their impact on getting you to sample cuisine absent from the pages of ZAGAT.

On Friday, come check a truly avant-garde session hosted by Guggenheim – the integration of social media and promoting the arts.  You can hear speakers from the MoMA, Guggenheim Museum, and Whitney Museum addresses strategies for launching these institutions forward painted on a digital canvas.

Who doesn’t love Betty White? She is not simply a platinum-haired cougar, but a messenger on the tidings of web 2.0.  The host of our final panel, TV Land, took a (Facebook) page out of her book.   They used an adaptive marketing approach for their show, “Hot in Cleveland”, and the heart of the campaign was based in consumer feedback through social media.

Isabella de Medici, author of, is a contributor to the NY Social Media Week blog.