How AI Assistants will Change the Way We Work and Live

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friday, March 3, 2017

9:00 AM - 9:25 AM

TimesCenter: Stage One

AI assistants now surround us. You can summon them from your phone, from devices in your home and from your inbox. But they are not all created equal. Some enable and coordinate other services. Others get a single job done exceptionally well, whether that’s scheduling meetings or writing data-driven stories. It’s inevitable that these different types of AI will have to be able to interact seamlessly with each other, at times leaving humans entirely out of the loop. How these different types of AI Assistants interact with one another—and how we interact with them—will shape the nature of work and leisure for decades to come.

In this talk, Dennis will explain the how interactions between humans and computers are likely to evolve in the next decade, what it takes to humanize AI, and why it matters.

Audience takeaways:

  • How AI assistants will likely interact with other AI and with humans as they evolve.
  • Why you should (or shouldn’t) choose to humanize these systems.
  • The two sides involved in designing an AI assistant: the machine has to understand how to “read” what users are saying, and be able to “write” back in a way that users will understand.
  • One approach to tackling the “write” side, which includes building a personality and character features.

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