The Essential Guide to Language in the BuzzFeed Age

Hosted by BuzzFeed

wednesday, April 25, 2018

12:15 PM - 12:35 PM

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Stage 1

How does a fast-paced digital publishing company maintain editorial consistency (while keeping things 💯) during a time in which the lines between internet culture and IRL culture are blurred?

Enter Emmy Favilla who, as BuzzFeed’s Global Copy Chief, was tasked with creating a modern style guide for the company’s army of writers, community managers, and content creators. Famous for helping bring the GIF format to the forefront, making lists go mainstream, and now, publishing serious investigative and longform journalism, BuzzFeed unleashed Favilla’s style guide into the world in 2014 and has now expanded upon it in a new book titled A World Without “Whom.” In this candid fireside interview, Favilla shares her tips for mastering language in the “BuzzFeed Age.”

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