May 5-7, 2020

“Ignoring The “NO”: How a 26-year-old African American Founder Raised Over $20m to Redefine Conversations

Hosted by Emogi

wednesday, May 1, 2019

10:40 AM - 11:05 AM

Sheraton Times Square

Stage 2

In entrepreneurship, taking “no” for an answer is not an option. To the truly determined founder, being told “no” is the ultimate form of motivation and can make or break a business.

Success stories of legacy companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook are part of entrepreneurial lore, motivating a younger generation of founders but a new generation of founders are writing their own stories and forging new territory. We’re living in an exciting time as diversity, innovation and disruption of traditional industries are creating new opportunities that have never before been explored.

Join host Jordan Schultz (ESPN On-Air Personality) as he sits down with Travis Montaque, founder and CEO of Emogi who will share his own story of overcoming adversity and skepticism to achieve success and disrupt an industry as an outsider.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How the notion of diversity is wrong, it’s about diversity of thought, backgrounds and experience that adds overall value to the organization
  • How to overcome challenges and preconceived perceptions
  • How to build a team of leaders to help achieve a collective mission
  • How to follow your passions
  • How to keep an open mind evolving to be better set up for the future vision

Event Location

Social Media Week

“Ignoring The “NO”: How a 26-year-old African American Founder Raised Over $20m to Redefine Conversations

May 1, 2019 - 10:40 AM - 11:05 AM

Hosted by Emogi

Travis Montaque

Travis Montaque

CEO and Founder, Emogi

Jordan Schultz

Jordan Schultz

Insider/Analyst, Correspondent, ESPN


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