What does influence mean in 2015?

Hosted by The 88

tuesday, February 24, 2015

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Gansevoort Park Avenue

What does “influence” mean in 2015? As new platforms emerge, algorithms change, and publishers adapt, it’s more important than ever for brands to understand the social forces driving their consumers.

This discussion will take a 360-degree look at influence on social and mobile platforms – with perspectives from the agencies, the dealmakers, the measurement technologies, and the influencers themselves.

Topics we’ll cover include:

– Why do influencers matter? Especially when social has shifted towards paid advertising?

– What makes an influencer right for a brand?

– What do successful brand / influencer partnerships look like? How can brands and agencies measure their success?

– How can brand / influencer partnerships be authentic?

– What does the future look like for influencer partnerships, especially with emerging platforms?

Participants –

The Creative Agency: Harry Bernstein, Creative Director and Founder, The 88

The Influencer: Danielle Bernstein aka @weworewhat

The Dealmaker: Benjamin Davis, Digital Business Development, William Morris Endeavor

The Metrics: Joey Kotkins,CMO, Inside Social

Moderated by Dan Feldstein, Director of Marketing, Jun Group