Machine Learning & Human Motivators: Understanding the Why of What We Do

3:45 PM - 4:10 PM

Hosted by Mind Genomics Advisors

TimesCenter: Stage Two 242 W 41st St New York NY 10036

Today’s consumers are more complex and more overburdened with noise than ever, making personalized content paramount. Yet marketing, philanthropy, healthcare and nearly every other sector rely on archaic tools – like surveys and focus groups – to inform critical messaging decisions.

While we can’t actually read minds yet, Ken will explore the science we do have to understand unique mindsets, including one of the most magical elements of behavior – unstated preferences – as they relate to any brand or product.  When this empirical, inside-out approach is augmented with big data and machine learning like that championed by IBM, we’re handed an actionable playbook of the concrete messages that motivate and repel a person’s interests.

During this presentation, Ken and Neal will share:

  • What self-reporting surveys are missing (& why they waste budget)
  • How to reframe your segmentation for more impactful messaging
  • When to invest in message recombination solutions & what to expect based on other industry outcomes

Venue & Location

TimesCenter: Stage Two

242 W 41st St
New York, NY 10036