Making the Invisible Visible: the Evolving Roles of Data, Trust and Transparency in Advertising and Publishing, presented by The Economist Group

Hosted by The Economist Group

tuesday, February 23, 2016

4:30 PM - 5:20 PM

TimesCenter (FWD Stage)

Transparency is a highly placed value at The Economist Group and it is something that readers are demanding more of. But are they really having a transparent experience, or do they merely think they are?

Marketers and publishers are using more and more innovative methods to create, deliver and disguise digital advertising. Native advertising is the latest under scrutiny from the FTC, which released new guidelines last month, but it won’t be the last as more examples come to light where advertising is indistinguishable by consumers from content.

From hidden sponsorships to privacy, The Economist Group will lead a panel of media and legal experts in a discussion on the evolving roles of data, trust and transparency in advertising and publishing. What are the tradeoffs? Is there such a thing as too much transparency? What are the new standards we have to adhere to — and what are the consequences of ignoring them?

Moderated by Mina Seetharaman, Global Director, Content Strategy at The Economist Group, panelists include Tonia Ries from Edelman (SVP and Executive Director, Edelman Square), Barbara Basney from Xerox (VP of Global Advertising and Media), Mary Gail Pezzimenti from The Huffington Post/ AOL (VP of Content Creation for the Partner Studio/AOL), and Amanda Rubin from Goldman Sachs (Global Co-Head, Brand and Content Strategy).

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