Social Etiquette for Chatting with Robots

Hosted by Momentum Worldwide

friday, March 3, 2017

10:30 AM - 10:55 AM

To Be Announced

The entire marketing industry, built on the foundation of how to market to human consumers, will have to re-examine its approach to, well, everything, as artificial intelligence begins to act as proxy for human decision-making.

In short, as AI becomes the gatekeeper to consumers, marketers are going to have to learn to talk to robots. This has implications on every aspect of marketing, from messaging to media – and social media is no exception.

In this talk, Momentum Worldwide Chief Technology Officer Jason Snyder will lead a discussion exploring the degree to which AI is already part of social conversations; brand and consumer relationships with AI in the current social atmosphere; and what marketers and brands need to do next to engage robots in the future social media world.


  • Learn the fundamentals of marketing to robots, and the basic repercussions for your marketing approach
  • Explore the gatekeeper role of AI and why it is only getting larger
  • AI is already a large piece of social media, from filters and algorithms to bots; how does that change your basic social approach?
  • What kinds of content excites a robot?

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