Is Social Media Just Media? The Future of Paid, Earned and Content

Hosted by MRY

wednesday, February 25, 2015

2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

Highline Stages - ENGAGE

Social media marketing is now at a crossroads. Facebook has stressed that brands will have to pay to get visibility for any of their posts, and most established social sites have rolled out “promoted post” ad models.

For brands, is there such a thing as earned media now, or has paid media taken over social media? Will content marketing continue to thrive even as social platforms demand more paid budgets? In 2015 and beyond, how social can media be?

Here, you’ll get two very candid takes from very different backgrounds:

  •  Lisa Weinstein, President, Global Digital, Data and Analytics at Starcom MediaVest Group – the largest media shop in the world
  • Matt Britton, CEO and founder, MRY – the creative agency that was one of the first social media marketing stalwarts
  • Mike Shields, senior editor of WSJ  (Moderator)

Lisa and Matt have strong convictions about where the future is going, and they’re prepared to share their vision on trends that will shape how every brand big and small will go to market in the years ahead.

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