How to Tell Stories that Drive Action

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Hosted by IGiveMore Inc

The Murphy Institute (CUNY) 25 West 43rd St , 19th Floor New York NY 10036

Are you a business trying to describe your company in a way that naturally makes sense to your customers? Are you a startup or nonprofit trying to raise money through crowdfunding? Are you giving a speech at a conference, or civic group? Tell a story. Stories drive action and drive the success of  the Coolest Cooler Kickstarter campaign that raised $13 million and the best rated Super bowl advertisement “Puppy Love”. This is a workshop led by Social Media and Crowdfunding Consultant Matt Bishop, and ALIGN Organizer and storytelling trainer Justin Gomez, with a guest appearance by Brit Liggett, digital storytelling specialist and founder of Show the Good. You will learn how to tell your story/your organization’s story in a way that drives action – sales, user growth or donations. We will focus on how to tell stories in person and how to tell stories through short videos. We will also discuss how social media has changed the storytelling process. You will learn:

-What are the key elements that make a successful story?
-How do you build trust with your audience to develop credibility?
-What elements are essential to drive action?

Come ready to participate and craft your story.

Venue & Location

The Murphy Institute (CUNY)

25 West 43rd St , 19th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Social Media Week

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

How to Tell Stories that Drive Action


  • Matt Bishop

    Matt Bishop

    Founder & CEO

    iGiveMore Inc.

  • Justin Gomez

    Justin Gomez

    Lead Organizer


  • Brit Liggett

    Brit Liggett


    Show the Good