Véndete en Línea (Sell Yourself Online)

Hosted by AlmaEmprendedora.com, the only e-magazine for Latina entrepreneurs in NYC

wednesday, February 24, 2016

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

IATI Theater Studios

This event will have two parts: a hands-on workshop and one-on-one sessions (“online brand makeovers”), where a group of experts would be able to give individual feedback to the participants on their online brand. The event will be in Spanish and geared towards 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanic Latina entrepreneurs (or want-to-be entrepreneurs) that may be newer to social media and feel more confortable in Spanish. This group understands the value of having a presence online and using social media to position themselves as experts on their fields, to collaborate and find new customers. The workshop will be very practical where at the end, they would be able to have an action plan to maximize social media FOR THEIR OWN biz goals, as well as have an assessment of their current online brand (LinkedIN, headshot, website, Facebook, Instagram, etc) so they have clear action points. The workshop will be facilitated by Editor-in-Chief of Alma Emprendedora Magazine, Natacha Ginocchio (www.almaemprendedora.com),  and SEO and Google AdWords Specialist, Waldo Tejada.

The event will end with a networking session.