The “Branded Reality” We’re Living In: Learn from Accenture at #SMWNYC

Fools rush in. He who hesitates is lost. New media and platforms beckon attracting audiences and users in a flash, but for brands, the barriers for entry are high.

Accenture joins #SMWNYC this year to explore the creative and practical challenges enterprises face in being present, meaningfully, for audiences, in the new content era. Talent seems scarce, and the learning curves are steep, but audience appetite for novel content is boundless, and so are the opportunities for brands who deliver with purpose.

Hear from Donna Tuths (Global Content Lead, Accenture Interactive) as she previews new findings from their annual content survey, and explores the intersection of important trends.

Joining her on stage is Jeannie Chu (VP, Social Media, Content and Digital Marketing, American Express), John Pattyson (Executive Producer, Immersive Media) and Rori DuBoff (Virtual and Mixed/Augmented Reality Evangelist).

The panel will explore how brands are using VR to innovate in the content space and determine how and when to invest in new media. This session takes place Thursday, March 2 on Stage One at The TimesCenter.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 to March 3. HQ passes are sold out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.

Why Content Is Your Brand’s Most Essential Resource Featuring Accenture Digital at #SMWNYC

As the digital marketing landscape matures, content will emerge as the primary differentiator among brands in the space. Brands are beginning to understand content marketing’s power to connect with consumers and form authentic relationships. Digital content is just as important to a company’s brand today as water is to sustain human life.

At SMW New York, Accenture Digital’s Robert Harles (Managing Director & Global Lead, Social Media and Collaboration), will lead a talk alongside Lindsay Nelson (Global Head of Brand Strategy, Vox Media) and Brian Becker (Executive Director, Head of Newsroom, JPMorgan Chase).

They will help marketers who feel like the amount of digital content that you have to produce and push out to myriad channels is like a rising tide that’s about to cause a flood. Luckily, you’re not along if this is you.

Join Accenture Digital for their session, “Content: A Brand’s Most Essential Resource” on Thursday the 25th at 12:30pm at The TimesCenter.