Data, Trust & Transparency in Content Advertising Featuring Goldman Sachs at #SMWNYC

Marketers and publishers are using more and more innovative methods to create, deliver and disguise digital advertising. Native advertising is the latest under scrutiny from the FTC, which released new guidelines last month, but it won’t be the last as more examples come to light where advertising is indistinguishable by consumers from content.

Amanda Rubin (Global Co-Head of Brand and Content Strategy at Goldman Sachs), will participate in this session at SMW New York with Barbara Basney (VP of Global Advertising, Brand Content, and Media at Xerox Corporation) and Tonia Ries (SVP and Executive Director, Edelman) to discuss the age of native advertising, and what exactly is the transparency experience for consumers.

Making The Invisible Visible: The Evolving Roles of Data, Trust And Transparency In Advertising And Publishing” will take place on Tuesday, February 23rd at 5:30pm at the TimesCenter (FWD Stage).

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About Amanda Rubin

“Amanda is global co-head of Brand and Content Strategy in the Executive Office. The group is responsible for creating and highlighting content that focuses on Goldman Sachs’ analysis and work related to economies, markets and clients. The group leverages various communications channels, including advertising and digital platforms, to reach across the firm’s core external constituencies, including clients, investors and the public.

Amanda joined Goldman Sachs in 1997 in the Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy Group, focusing on the firm’s corporate brand, including advertising campaigns, the external website, social media presence and marketing efforts for corporate engagement and recruiting initiatives. From 2010 to 2014, she served as co-chair of the Legal, Compliance, Internal Audit and Executive Office Women’s Network. Amanda was named managing director in 2012.

Prior to joining the firm, Amanda worked at Chiat Day, Ogilvy & Mather, and DDB Needham Worldwide. While at those firms, she worked with industry leaders such as American Express, Bank of New York and Digital Equipment Corporation.” (via Forrester)

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For the Most-Viewed Super Bowl Ads, Few Touchdowns on Facebook and Twitter

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it:  40 ads that ran during the Super Bowl have been viewed on YouTube more than 99 million times. That is almost 1 billion impressions. It’s daunting to try to imagine all the creative power that went into the ad-making and the subsequent zooming on the Internet as people viewed and shared the content.

But one company, PM Digital, has discovered that the ads with the most views on YouTube did not generate large increases in Facebook fans or Twitter followers, according to PM Digital’s Super Bowl Commercial Index. (Full disclosure:  PM Digital is a client of DiGennaro Communications, where I work.)

The PM Digital Super Bowl Commercial index measures Facebook Fans, Twitter followers, and YouTube ad views for 40 brands that had ads in the game. The index tracks changes in engagement on the three channels from Monday, January  30, through Monday, February 6.

My DGC colleagues and the folks at PM Digital have been analyzing the statistics this week. While the YouTube popularity of the Super Bowl ads is staggering, other numbers leave us wondering if the ads were a touchdown or a fumble. And we couldn’t help but think that full integration between traditional advertising and social media has a long way to go. “

Indeed, brands use Facebook and Twitter to engage with people, advertise to them, offer them promotions and drive transactions on an ongoing basis. While brands with the most-viewed ads should feel satisfied about their YouTube results, they have not by and large recruited new fans and followers, thereby foregoing chances to engage with people who have clearly shown an interest in entertaining, branded content.

Key findings from the PM Digital Super Bowl Commercial Index include:

  • Volkswagen, which led the Index in YouTube ad views, ranked #33 among the 40 advertisers in terms of Facebook fan increases. The German car maker had just a 1.58 % increase of from Monday, January 30 to Monday, February 6.
  • Chevrolet, whose ads were viewed more than 11.2 million times, saw relatively large increases in fans and followers:  5.77% increase in Facebook fans and 14% increase in Twitter followers. The large Twitter increase is likely due to the company’s pre-game Twitter contest.
  • The 10 most-viewed ads on YouTube had lower-than-average % increases in Facebook fans;  the average fan increase was 12.28%. It should be noted that most brands saw single-digit increases. Huge increases in fans for (117%), the movie Act of Valor (160%), and Bud Light Platinum (119%) drove the Facebook average up; These three advertisers were low on the YouTube scale.
  • Eight of the 10 most-viewed ads on YouTube had lower-than-average % increases in Twitter fans; the average was 5.53%.


YouTube Views, Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers


Ad Views

Facebook Fan % Increase

Twitter Follower % Increase

























Bridgestone Tires
















Top 10 Average



Average of All Ads




Sally O’Dowd is a VP and group account director for New York-based DiGennaro Communications, which specializes in B2B communications for media, advertising and entertainment companies. Previously, she worked in Paris as head of content and social media strategy at MSLGROUP, the 22-country PR and events network of Publicis Groupe. She has also held senior communications roles at Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett and Razorfish, following a career in journalism and public affairs.