14 Events Exploring VR, AI, and the Future of Technology at #SMWNYC

Virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), Chatbots, drones, and wearables are just a few major topics within technology that marketers and media professionals need to be aware of.

Every year, Social Media Week brings some of the leading brands and individuals to the stage to discuss how future technologies and innovations will impact our world, and what we need to do and know in order to not only stay ahead of these changes, but also capitalize on them.

Here are 14 events taking place at #SMWNYC on the future of technology:

1. Bots in Media and Marketing: What Are They Good For? (Code and Theory)

In this session led by Dan Gardner (Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director, Code and Theory), he’ll explain what a bot is, the different types of bots (conversational, chat, content, automated), and how big brands are using bots through various platforms to make product research and experiences more successful and personal.

2. How Johnnie Walker Brought Drunk Driving Into Social Media Users’ (Virtual) Reality (VaynerMedia)

Executives from Facebook, VaynerMedia, Mashable, and Diageo will discuss the expanding virtual reality capabilities of major social media platforms, how virtual reality can be utilized as an educational platform, and ways to bring virtual reality campaign ideas to life on social media.

3. The Rise of the AI-Empowered Social Influencer (gyro)

Artificial intelligence is taking influencer marketing to a new level. This session will break down the ways influencers can become their own media powerhouse with the help of artificial intelligence, how AI business partnerships help marketers better understand ROI, and how influencers and media companies can automate 60-80% of their workflows.

4. Machine Learning & Human Motivators: Understanding the Why of What We Do (Mind Genomics Advisors)

Today’s consumers are more complex and more overburdened with noise than ever, yet most industries rely on archaic tools – like surveys and focus groups – to inform critical messaging decisions. This session will help you understand the new ways to invest in message recombination solutions.

5. Decoding ?????: Building Machines That Know How Humans Feel (Decoded)

In this session led by Jeffrey Lancaster (Head of Product, Decoded), he’ll offer step-by-step demonstration of using APIs to understand customers’ sentiment towards products by analyzing the language in their social media posts. Jeffrey will also walk away with an understanding of machine learning, sentiment analysis, and tools to get started with APIs.

6. How AI Assistants will Change the Way We Work and Live (x.ai)

Have you ever emailed someone who asked you to set up a meeting through “Amy” or “Andrew”? If so, x.ai is the team responsible for this AI personal assistant used by some of tech’s most prominent individuals. In this talk, Dennis Mortensen (CEO and Founder, x.ai) will explain how interactions between humans and computers are likely to evolve in the next decade, what it takes to humanize AI, and why it matters.

7. Chatbots: Your Brand New Acquisition Channel (Botanalytics)

If you’re searching for a gold mine in your user acquisition channels, chatbots are becoming the one that compensate all your needs. In this presentation, Ilker Koksal (co-founder, Botanalytics) will discuss how big the chatbot market is, and how it’s growing day by day. He’ll also explain engagement measurement, retention and acquisition metrics of bots.

8. Yelling at Robots (Luminary Labs)

In this fireside chat, three AI-focused wordmasters (Erin McKean, Michelle McSweeny, PhD, and Sara Holoubek) will comment on this new intersection of language and technology with bots. They will explore topics such as why voice recognition is still so frustrating, how AI may be conditioning children to be rude, and how human speech must evolve to keep up with machines.

9. Future Publishing Models: VR and 360 Video with The New York Times (The New York Times)

In this session Sam Dolnick (Associate Editor, NYT) and Andy Wright (Publisher, The New York Times Magazine) will share how they have embraced, integrated and innovated in VR and 360 video with exceptional results for brands and readers alike via NYT’s VR app while working with award-winning journalists and reporters.

10. The Future of Marketing: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Bots for Brands (TOPBOTS)

This interactive presentation is targeted towards brand executives and marketers who want to understand the latest breakthroughs in AI and bots for marketing, the best industry practices and case studies, and how to design and deploy emerging technologies like AI and chat bots for their brands. Adelyn Zhou (Founder and CMO, TOPBOTS) will lead this session.

11. AI vs. Mankind: Who’s Influencing Who? (Sylvain Labs)

This session will delve deep into the evolving world of AI while considering how AI is (and will) impact our everyday lives, if people are more likely to trust an AI than a brand or person, and expanded models that offer a conceptual view influence in this new age of AI.

12. Schrödingers Bot (The Economist Group)

This debate-style session will examine the future of communication and the impact AI will have on PR and marketing. Alan Berkson (Director of Community Outreach, Freshdesk) and Gemma Craven (SVP, Director of Social & Mobile, McCann) will dive into how bots are being used now and in the future, and how professionals should prepare today for the changing digital landscape of tomorrow.

13. Artificial Intelligence for Real Social Traction (IV.AI)

Explore how AI is changing everything through machine learning, data understanding, and bots. Learn how to grow your audience in a personal way and understand every interaction. Led by Vince Lynch (CEO, IV.AI), this session will focus on AI for audience understanding, conversational commerce, and automation of content creation.

14. The Future of Human Computer Interaction: How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Will Incite Behavior Change (Addicaid)

Humans instinctively seek patterns, but our approaches are oftentimes biased and ineffective. Learn why one of the main objectives of machine learning is to find patterns, and extend influence to improve systems with automation and analysis. Sam Frons (Founder, Addicaid) will also share her latest research and long-term trends of AI and machine learning in society.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 to March 3. HQ passes are sold out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.