Read This On The Move: Mobile At SMW NYC

Reading this on your phone? We thought so. A recent report shows that more than half of emails read last month were opened on a mobile device, reiterating what we already know: Mobile isn’t going anywhere (well, obviously, it’s going everywhere, but you know what we mean…).

With barely a month left until SMW14 kicks off and registration opening tomorrow, here are a few of the mobile-related presentations to add to your must-attend list:

Tap That App: Get Turned On By Mobile Innovation
Everyone’s favorite kindergarten activity is back: show-and-tell. But rather than waxing poetic about baseball gloves or teddy bears, 10 of today’s titans of tech, design, food, and more, are revealing the apps they can’t live without. Hosted by MKG, this event is sure to reconfirm your love for tried-and-true standards—and introduce you to a few surprises.

Man Vs. Machine: Advertising’s Epic Battle for Human Attention
Advertising dollars follow the eyeballs, and as the number of sidewalk run-ins show (53% of cell phone users have been affected by “distracted walking,” according to a Pew Research survey released last week), eyeballs are on mobile devices. But more than 40% of mobile ad clicks are accidental or fraudulent, and the online digital advertising economy loses an estimated $6 billion a year. So what’s the future of advertising? Truex’s Joe Marchese reveals all.

Content Is King, But Distribution is Queen
Social networks are the town criers of the 21st century, spreading articles, pictures, and videos that users deem newsworthy, interesting, or just damn entertaining. You know that to ensure your content gets clicks, it better be good. But not all good content goes viral. Distribution is key to getting users to not only consume your content, but share it. Buzzfeed’s VP of Agency Strategy and Industry Development, Jonathan Perelman, explains how to combine the two successfully.

Mobile will be a part of these and so many more of the innovative and forward-thinking events happening February 18-21. This is just scratching the surface. With our partner Nokia, you know we’ll be going even deeper. So, join us (and Nokia) to explore the future of our always on, always connected world.

Register for your pass today here and receive a 20% discount. Early bird discounts end January 15!

Top 12 Social Media Apps for Travel

This is a guest post by is a new travel site that features car-free getaways near New York City and San Francisco


We’ve shrunk the world to fit within a two-inch wide screen, and it seems that these days there isn’t anything a mobile app can’t allow us to do through our mighty little lightsabers, be it Facetime from Sao Paulo to San Francisco, search for a place to pee, or hunt for a ghost and a hookup.

You may like to vacation without guidebooks and Google maps, but don’t let the thrill of discovering a destination on your own keep you from checking out these 12 social travel apps. Your next adventure will be all the more memorable, affordable, and inspiring because of them:

Photosynth | Free | iOS |
This photo app stitches together full-sphere panoramic pics and allows users to share their spanning views of the world on Facebook, Windows Live, and Bing Maps.


Gowalla | Free | iOS, Android |
Like Foursquare for travelers, this app lets users browse popular tourist locales to view where their friends have been, local recommendations, and expert advice. Gowalla also integrates guides from National Geographic and other popular travel adventure companies.


EveryTrail | Free | iOS, Android |
In addition to tracking your own trek, EveryTrail connects hikers to their network by sharing maps, audio and video memos, and vitals like speed, distance, and elevation for each trail. After planning your own trip, you can view more than 400,000 trips from other users.


1,000 Places To See Before You Die | Free | iPad |
This iPad app features images and descriptions of the world’s must-see destinations, from Morocco to Martha’s Vineyard, and includes an interactive map for users to give tips about places they’ve seen, or mark locations they plan to see.


AllSnow | Free | iOS |
Before hitting the slopes, skiers and snowboarders can check a trail’s conditions, view open lifts and runs, and download offline maps. Afterwards, users can share all their run info, including any reviews, with others.


Trip Journal | $2.99 | iOS, Android |
With the help of geo-tagging and an automatic route tracker, Trip Journal is the perfect app for documenting every aspect of travel. Users can leave notes about locations, log distances and times, add photos or videos at check-in points, and then share their entire trip through e-mail or social network sites.


Strava | Free | iOS, Android, Garmin |
Cyclists and runners can track and visualize their workouts with their GPS enabled device. Users can see how they stack up against other athletes when competing on climbs and ride segments. Use the Explore feature to discover and plan new rides at home or at your next travel destination.


HipGeo | Free | iOS |
Users consumed by wanderlust can upload their adventures and watch as the app creates your very own blog. HipGeo also groups content such as photos, tags and comments, so you can more efficiently research the places you’re interested in visiting.


Trip It | Free | iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry |
Forward your various travel confirmation emails to and the app will make one, cohesive itinerary for your trip that you can share with friends and family.


Off Exploring | Free | iOS |
Off Exploring gives you a unique web address so people can follow you as you mobile blog your expeditions. Users can upload pictures and geo-tag their blog posts, as well as research and book accommodations.


Trippy | Free | iOS |
Rather than sifting through numerous travel websites for answers about your upcoming trip, Trippy allows you to poll pals for advice via your social networks. Tell Trippy where you’re going and discover which trippy-ed friends have been there so you can ask for travel tips.


Gogobot | Free | iOS |
It has never been easier or more fun to create a travel itinerary. Gogobot encourages users to capture and share adventures with personalized “postcards.”
Now get traveling and let us know which apps are your favorites. Then, check out for great getaway ideas near your city.

Networking Down the Homestretch

There’s only day left to meet people at Social Media Week. Spend the time tonight to use our community page or mobile AttendeeApp to track down several “must meet” contacts. Tweet them, find them, and make a meaningful connection on Friday.

When you depart the conference tomorrow night, don’t feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of business cards that you will have to sift through on Monday. Rather than spending the tedious time looking up the right “John Smith” on LinkedIn, use the SMW Community Page to quickly find all of the online profiles for a specific contact. Check out their blog and company… and then friend, follow, and connect on LinkedIn in one fell swoop.

Reinforce your connection and lets continue this exciting conversation!