Hub Focus: Hearst Magazines at Hearst Tower

The Arts & Culture hub, hosted by Hearst Magazines at Hearst Tower, is home to a publishing magnate that revolutionized the media industry.  It is a symbol of this diverse sector, with its innovative architectural design located in the heart of Manhattan.

Still waiting to start your New Year’s resolutions? Join us Monday, which kicks off with a panel hosted by PepsiCo on governmental guidelines, nutrition and how the digital realm is impacting how this information is shared.  After you figure out how to fit back in your skinny jeans, get in touch with your inner fashion guru hosted by Hearst, and see how shared online shopping experiences are influencing fashion/editorial revenue models.  Finish up with an exciting session on brand strategy 2.0 hosted by Hearst, which examines the blurring lines between brands, media and consumers, and how you’re shaping the creation process engaged at every stage of product development.

Get Tuesday started with the chance to be on TV in our Bar Karma workshop hosted by games creator Will Wright (The Sims) and Albie Hecht of Spike TV.  If you liked restoring sanity and/or fear in September 2010 with Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert, check out the afternoon rally hosted by Comedy Central that discusses the integrated, digital strategy used to amass over 250,000 people in Washington, DC with one of the largest volumes of live streams in MTV Networks history.

Engage the global technology community on Wednesday, with a multicultural panel hosted by Freddie Laker, head of digital strategy in Asia for SapientNitro.  You can see how even the furthest country, separated by mere ocean and land, is within your reach with the advent of social media forums and real-time sharing.  Then you can get in touch with your inner rebel in a new age of uprising, hosted by Personal Democracy Forum. Wikileaks revamped infowar in the digital age, and industry experts are predicting an increase in these events. Finally, join our host Hearst to examine celebrity brand strategy’s evolution with social media.  It’s going to be a great discussion on ever-innovating revenue models for web and mobile, and how the the traditional modes of fame are dwindling alongside print media.

It’s time for spring cleaning on Thursday; MTV and Text 100 want to outfit your brand with tailor-made techniques to increase awareness and productivity by concentrating on industry-specific social media forums.

Everyone’s a critic! Our next panel, hosted by Hearst, will whet your appetite for great restaurants and vendors, and our panelists will chat about the growing influence of personal blogs and their impact on getting you to sample cuisine absent from the pages of ZAGAT.

On Friday, come check a truly avant-garde session hosted by Guggenheim – the integration of social media and promoting the arts.  You can hear speakers from the MoMA, Guggenheim Museum, and Whitney Museum addresses strategies for launching these institutions forward painted on a digital canvas.

Who doesn’t love Betty White? She is not simply a platinum-haired cougar, but a messenger on the tidings of web 2.0.  The host of our final panel, TV Land, took a (Facebook) page out of her book.   They used an adaptive marketing approach for their show, “Hot in Cleveland”, and the heart of the campaign was based in consumer feedback through social media.

Isabella de Medici, author of, is a contributor to the NY Social Media Week blog.