Brandwatch’s Guide to Decision-Making with Data and Rewarding Your Customers at #SMWNYC

Brandwatch is one of the world’s leading social media monitoring and analytics tools, chosen by pioneering brands and agencies including Verizon, British Airways, Digitas, Whirlpool, Dell, PepsiCo, Monster and Papa John’s. They’re one of our official Social Media Week sponsors (read more about our upcoming work with them!), and we’re excited for their two sessions at #SMWNYC.

The first, “Democratizing Data And Decision-Making: Unlocking The Socially-Powered Invisible Hand Of Technology” takes place Wednesday, February 24th at 10:30 AM at The TimesCenter.

In this session, Brandwatch’s Chief Marketing Officer, Will McInnes, will highlight the transition from mundane, ineffective business intelligence and market research solutions, to the next generation of smart tools, and how they are disrupting the way we analyze, measure, and process our various marketing efforts, utilizing trainable agents powered by human and machine intelligence. This is the next horizon of social intelligence, and Brandwatch will explain who is at the forefront.

The second session hosted by Brandwatch is “Consumer Pulse: Giving The People What They Want” which takes place Thursday, February 25th at 10:00AM at the SVA Theatre.

Two of Brandwatch’s leading minds, Kelly Autenrieth (User Adoption Team Lead, North America, Brandwatch) and Brit Ferguson (Account Manager, Brandwatch), will highlight key use cases for planning a social strategy that features a rewarding shelf-life for you and your consumer. Attendees will learn the most practical and effective ways to interact with potential customers, and how combining emotion with purchase intent can transform someone into becoming a brand loyalist.

Purchase your pass to attend SMW New York, and learn how Brandwatch has helped brands around the globe achieve their goals through smart social data and customer engagement.

Brandwatch Watching Social Media Week

People are conversing constantly online, and that means an increasing likelihood that your brand is being mentioned in places that you aren’t aware of. Who is talking, who is listening, and what do you really need to be paying attention to? 

Brandwatch is a software that allows you to access the most relevant conversations happening on social media that impact your brand. Their platform gives you access to all of these data points, so you can slice and dice in the ways that make the most sense for your brand and their intuitive user interface makes it less frustrating to extract the information you need.

They use their own crawlers to look through over 70 million sources, which include blogs, news, forums and major social networks. Additionally, their channels allow the tracking of public Facebook pages, without needing any admin rights. That’s a score for your team.

And we couldn’t be happier to have Brandwatch joining us at Social Media Week Campus on our ground floor and hosting an event. We recommend you hear Will McInnes, CMO at Brandwatch, as he discusses his perspectives on 21st century business and how the internet is radically changing our personal behavior, our organizations and our society. Then, swing by our Future of Now Exhibition area to see them showing us data in real-time about what is happening across the social channels as it relates to SMW. They will monitor social mentions and display items for the top influencers, hashtags and topics. Get people talking about your event, and then see it up on the Brandwatch screen!

Today is the last day to get a campus pass at the current price- the price will go up to the walkup price tomorrow so don’t wait! Check out the schedule for the amazing lineup of speakers and events and make sure to check out our opening night party, hosted by Nokia.