EVENT SPOTLIGHT: The Story of Pope Emojis and How Millennials Re-connected with Their Religion

Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers, and marketers are constantly looking for ways to capitalize on this group of consumers and social media enthusiasts. Not only are Millennials the largest generation alive today, but they are the largest demographic identifying as unaffiliated with any religion. Why is that, though?

Join Kathleen Hessert (Founder and President, Sports Media Challenge), as she discusses her collaboration with Aleteia, a global Catholic Digital Media Company, and Tracx, the leading social business cloud, which resulted in an incredibly successful campaign that many know as #PopeIsHope and #GoodIsWinning.

Kathleen will explore how her team leveraged social media conversations in order to connect Millennials to the Catholic Church, and the rising popularity of Pope Francis. She was able to spearhead a campaign which not only reintroduced Millennials to the Catholic Church, but inspired them to take action for the greater good.

Along with Kathleen is Eric Berkowitz (SVP Global Services, Tracx), who will walk attendees through the journey of identifying and listening to relevant social conversations, and contributing to these conversations by engaging in real-time.

Hosted by Tracx, “Pope-Emojis And Millennials: How Pope Francis Engages The Largest Generation Alive Today” will show attendees how to target and leverage social influencers, both at a massive celebrity scale and a smaller, local scale, as well as discover the best ways to engage Millennials through integrated campaigns, and how to measure its success.

This event takes place Tuesday, February 23 at 10:00am at SVA Theatre (EDU Stage).