Taking the Pain Out of Event Check-Ins: ColorSync

If New Yorkers can agree on one thing, it’s that we universally hate standing in lines. We want to be where we belong — and we want it now. Planning SMW NYC, we completely understand this. While QR codes seem to be making waves, lines still persist and require a bit of skill in scanning quickly. So, event planners make due with what we have and try to make it as easy on attendees as possible.

Well, event planners can now rejoice. Peatix, a mobile-centric ticketing platform, is coming to help, with their launch of ColorSync. ColorSync is an innovative new mobile check-in system for events that removes the need for physical tickets AND QR codes.

“We’ve helped out with check-ins for many events, and have become experts in checking in tens of thousands of QR code tickets at a time. It’s an acquired skill; varying conditions with light, and different devices make the operation very difficult at times,” said Taku Harada, co-founder and CEO of Peatix. “We realized that a method that relies on an acquired skill just doesn’t cut it. With ColorSync, anybody can intuitively check in hundreds of attendees in a matter of minutes with no training at all.”

So, how does it do it? Their video elaborates:

You, the attendee, start up the app. Your ticket will show a random color. When near the event organizer’s app, it will automatically detect your details and instantly check you into the event. This is done by syncing the color sequence, which is flashing on the Peatix mobile app. This basically means organizers can now check-in large crowds effortlessly.

The downside is ColorSync isn’t readily available to all users until later in 2014. But the fact that innovation is happening in this space only bodes well for us — as organizers and as attendees.