That’s a Wrap! Thank You Social Media Week NYC Community

Thank you to our attendees, speakers, partners, volunteers, independent event organizers, and everyone in the SMW community for making #SMWNYC truly incredible. It was an incredible week exploring the business, art, science, and future of social media, as well as the first edition of SMW that unpacked our global theme, “Language and the Machine: Algorithms and the Future of Communication” in 2017.

If you didn’t attend #SMWNYC, you can re-live every official event with SMW Insider, our on-demand platform to watch the full videos from all official #SMWNYC sessions, plus hundreds of hours of video from other Social Media Week events from 2016.

This year’s event would not have been possible without our sponsors: Accenture, Convene, Crimson Hexagon, Department for International Trade, Digimind, Giphy, Marina Maher Communications, Nasdaq, National Geographic, Shutterstock, Storyful, and Tracx.

We’d also like to thank our Premium Content Partners: Crowdtap, Pinterest, and Viacom, as well as all of our Food and Beverage Partners, Content Partners, and Technology Partners for supporting the 9th edition of Social Media Week New York.

The “Branded Reality” We’re Living In: Learn from Accenture at #SMWNYC

Fools rush in. He who hesitates is lost. New media and platforms beckon attracting audiences and users in a flash, but for brands, the barriers for entry are high.

Accenture joins #SMWNYC this year to explore the creative and practical challenges enterprises face in being present, meaningfully, for audiences, in the new content era. Talent seems scarce, and the learning curves are steep, but audience appetite for novel content is boundless, and so are the opportunities for brands who deliver with purpose.

Hear from Donna Tuths (Global Content Lead, Accenture Interactive) as she previews new findings from their annual content survey, and explores the intersection of important trends.

Joining her on stage is Jeannie Chu (VP, Social Media, Content and Digital Marketing, American Express), John Pattyson (Executive Producer, Immersive Media) and Rori DuBoff (Virtual and Mixed/Augmented Reality Evangelist).

The panel will explore how brands are using VR to innovate in the content space and determine how and when to invest in new media. This session takes place Thursday, March 2 on Stage One at The TimesCenter.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 to March 3. HQ passes are sold out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.

TJ Mizell, Son of Legendary Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, to DJ #SMWNYC Opening Party

To celebrate the 9th annual Social Media Week conference in New York, we’re hosting this year’s official opening reception.

This celebration helps kickstart the 2017 global theme “Language and the Machine”, which explores how technology is changing how we connect and communicate.

TJ Mizell, DJ and son of the late Jam Master Jay of Run D.M.C, will get behind the turntables at Samsung 837.  He entertains/spins at various special events, fashion shows and nightclubs in New York and around the world.

His skills take the experience to a whole new level with mesmerizing soundtracks. The majority of his musical influence comes from his father and his mentors at the Scratch DJ Academy founded by JMJ. TJ maintains his authenticity behind the 1 and 2’s with seamless blends and precise cuts during his mash-up sets of Hip Hop, Dubstep, and everything in between and beyond.

The Official Opening Party is for #SMWNYC passholders only, and you must be 21+ to attend. Cocktails, wine and beer will be provided courtesy of Johnnie Walker, Don Julio, Ketel One, and Brooklyn Brewery and passed food courtesy of LDV Hospitality.

9 Questions with Convene, New York’s Premiere Network of Meeting and Event Venues

Convene is one of the nation’s fastest growing network of meeting, event, and conference venues that combine technology, culinary, production, and human-centered design into a transformative user experience.

The company also leverages its workplace-as-a-service platform to provide on-demand solutions for building tenants and their employees.

We’re proud to call Convene a partner of #SMWNYC, where 15+ workshops will take place at their 117 West 46th Street location during Social Media Week New York. We spoke with Jenna Wollemann Convene’s Corporate Communications & PR Manager to discuss some of the amazing things her team is doing in the conferences, meetings, and events space.

1. What does Convene provide, offer, or do that is unlike any other event space?

Founded in 2009, Convene combines sleek and customizable meeting and event spaces with the latest technologies to help clients host events of all types and sizes.

Our trusted event management staff takes care of all event logistics and execution in-house, from imagining and developing inventive food and drink menus, managing state-of-the-art technology for various events, and making sure the visions of our enterprise clients become a reality in a variety of modern and unique venues in the tri-state area.

2. What does the Convene brand represent?

Convene is a values-based company. Everything we do is centered around what we call GRIT. All of our employees, partners and vendors must encompass this value, as it’s critical to our success of our work together. GRIT is an acronym that stands for Genuine, Relentless, Integrity and Teamwork, and this philosophy helps Convene execute, grow and innovate.

3. Is each Convene space different from the other? Are there any parallels that can be drawn from all Convene spaces?

All of Convene’s locations are found in contemporary urban settings, many of them occupying an entire floor (or multiple floors) of commercial office buildings.

While the layout of each Convene venue is different, most have a large common area at the center of each location, with various styles and sizes of meeting space and breakout rooms around the perimeter – called Studios, Hubs and Forums. Convene can host meetings varying in size from 2-700 attendees, with our largest venues in the heart of NYC.

All Convene venues look and feel slightly different in order to accommodate different types of industries and meeting styles. For example, some spaces are geared towards trainings or large-scale conferences and town halls, and others are for more intimate meetings. However, all of our venues have an integrated and holistic approach to meetings. Each Convene location combines human-centered design, technology, culinary and hospitality to provide an engaging, interactive and unique experience for event attendees.

When designing our spaces, Convene conducted focus groups with enterprise clients and asked what an ideal event space would look like. There were many commonalities in the feedback, including the importance of flexible/adaptable event space, the need for easy, seamless and state-of-the-art technology as well as communal work areas.

We also have an in-house design team, Assemble, that works tirelessly to track workplace and event trends. By putting ourselves in the seats of meeting planners and participants, we have created a network of human-centered, design-friendly spaces – build with the end use in mind.

4. What are some of the most common things your team hears as positive feedback about the space?

Clients that host meetings of all sizes with Convene love the modern and sleek design of our spaces, the advanced technical capabilities of our rooms, the healthy, locally-sourced food and drink menus, the dedicated meeting planners that help accomplish their goals, and the thoughtful details in each of our venues.

The thoughtful details can be attributed to human-centered design, which focuses on the unmet needs of the people that will be using the space. A few examples of services that our clients love, that also represent human-centered design principles, are our Nourish café stations and our resource trays.

All Convene locations have a Nourish café, with unlimited sweet and savory snacks and a variety of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. Meeting attendees can access Nourish at any time during their day, to help power them through their meetings. It is set up to feel like your own kitchen and bring the comforts of home into the workday.

Additionally, all Convene meeting rooms are equipped with a resource tray with extra pens, paper and office supplies to ensure participants are never short on anything they may need to host a productive meeting.

5. How does Convene approach conferences and meetings different from other venues?

Our team’s commitment to hospitality and our holistic approach to meetings and events set Convene apart from other venues. From the minute we receive an inquiry about a space to the day of their event, our team is all-hands on deck, making sure every last detail and request is taken care of. Since Convene has dedicated in-house technology, culinary, service and production teams, additional vendors do not need to be brought in to our space, making the event planning experience seamless and simple for our clients.

6. How does Convene use social media channels? Any interesting things about content creation from a venue POV?

We leverage Instagram to showcase the design and usability of our spaces, showcasing beautiful photos of our venues and how they can be used for different types of events and meetings.

Our blog on is also an important channel for us to share thought leadership on various topics related to the future of real estate, workplace and design trends, and various technology and culinary topics, as well as useful tips for our meeting planner audience.

Focusing on longer-form content such as e-books allows us to highlight the value proposition of our spaces as well.

7. What are some of the most exciting events that Convene has hosted or been involved with?

More than 65% of Fortune 100 companies partner with Convene to host events, meetings and conferences of all sizes annually.

8. Any plans to expand beyond NYC, Philly and DC?

Convene’s near-term expansion plans include opening new locations in Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as further national and international expansion in the longer-term.

9. What is the one thing you/Convene wants others to know about the space?

Convene is simply the easiest place to host a better meeting or event.

View the full schedule to see the official events taking place at Convene at 117 West 46th Street. We’re thrilled to host our Workshops there on Tuesday and Wednesday of #SMWNYC. Convene is also providing #SMWNYC pass holders a lounge and communal workspace area to unwind and relax in between sessions, complete with snacks and coffee. Don’t miss it!

Crimson Hexagon at #SMWNYC on Social Listening 2.0 and How to Use Machine Learning

For years, the smartest brands have used social listening tools to keep tabs on their brand image and audience. But today that’s not enough—which is why companies want to get to the “why” behind these metrics.

New social media analytics tools, built on powerful machine learning and AI technologies, dive deep into the nuances of consumer sentiment and purchase intent and surface new trends and audience affinities as they evolve.

Crimson Hexagon is an enterprise social media analytics company providing insights for brand strategy, market research, and more. At #SMWNYC, attendees will hear from Mitch Brooks (Sr. Director, New Products, Crimson Hexagon) on the latest trends in social analytics and machine learning, and how today’s cutting-edge brands use these tools to stay ahead of the competition.

Social Listening 2.0: How Machine Learning Gets to the ‘Why’ of Analytics,” will demonstrate to attendees the real-world examples of how brands are using machine learning to gain deep insights on their consumers, as well as a bird’s eye view of the evolution and future of machine learning and deep social listening.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 to March 3. HQ passes are sold out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.

Official list of Workshops taking place at Convene during #SMWNYC

This year at Social Media Week New York, our second venue, Convene, will feature Workshop events throughout the day on Tuesday and Wednesday for attendees. It also has co-working space and WiFi for you to take advantage of.

Please note, the Workshops taking place at Convene will not be available on SMW Insider (either live or on-demand).

From best practices in Facebook marketing and new content metrics to understand, to lessons on building community and Bot Making 101, here are all the Workshop events taking place at Convene during #SMWNYC:

1. The Pursuit of Meaningful Content (Pinterest)

Get inspired by creative examples that show how brands can move people from inspiration to action on Pinterest, and walk away with new ideas for creating engaging video and dynamic creative.

2. Breaking Down The Facebook Auction: How To Combat Inflated CPMs and Bigger Budgets to Deliver More Sales In 2017 (Croud)

This session will break down everything from how Facebook auctions work. Learn new approaches to Facebook bid management, creative testing and audience fatigue. Attendees will also gain actionable insights to take away and implement on their Facebook marketing campaigns the next day.

3. How To Use Bitly Beyond Shortening & Branding (Bitly)

Each month, five billion unique browsers engage with Bitly links, and 300 million links are created through the platform. This session with Bitly’s Senior Content and Community Manager, Denise Chan, will unpack the top 10 metrics of your Bitly dashboard, and how to use Bitly for A/B testing, UTM codes, and other data-focused capabilities.

4. How to Get the Market to Do Your Marketing for You (iris Worldwide)

89% of advertising is not noticed or remembered at all. So, how can brands cut through the noise, get noticed and have the market make the noise for them? In this workshop we’ll explore the Participation Brand Index, a recent study of 140 global brands conducted by iris Worldwide. Attendees will learn the five pillars that make up a participation brand and why they’re key to success.

5. Listen, Analyze, Inform: Pulling Human Insights from Online Interactions (Ready Set Rocket)

This workshop focuses on social listening, social analytics and their impact on the customer journey. Attendees will learn how today’s marketers are mining human insights from data and using that knowledge to effectively communicate with modern consumers to drive bottom line ROI.

6. Share Rate is King (BabyFirst)

BabyFirst’s General Manager, Yuval Rechter, will discuss the importance of “Share Rate” for exponential and organic growth on your social channels. This data-driven approach to custom content production finds what resonates with your target audience and optimizes for shares.

7. Make Customers Work For You: How To Increase User Generated Content (ClassPass)

In this session, we’ll go over the importance of user generated content (UGC) and how to increase it. With UGC, your business is not only getting free word-of-mouth marketing but you’re also getting unique, quality content for your own channels. Cara Friedman (Head of Social Media, ClassPass) will lead this workshop.

8. Objective Based Marketing: Using Creative Sequencing To Drive Sales (mllnnl)

Consumers need to see the right creative at the right time in the right place. In this panel featuring top paid social experts from invite-only millennial marketing agency, mllnnl, we’ll discuss when to shift measurement away from the sale, creative sequencing best practices, and the future of paid social planning.

9. Facebook Automated Campaign Management: Let Facebook Do the Work for You (General Assembly)

Get a step by step walkthrough on how to create Automated Rules on Facebook, and learn when to pause campaigns, or when to receive performance notifications. This session is hosted by General Assembly.

10. Millennial Manager Bootcamp (Butterfly)

Millennials comprise the largest share of the U.S. workforce and nearly a third of them (and growing) are in management positions .In this 60-minute bootcamp, you’ll learn the essential traits of a strong leader and what tools and support are needed to develop your talents over time.

11. Bot Making 101 (Dexter)

This workshop will provide attendees with a step-by-step tutorial on how to build and launch a functioning chatbot, without needing any previous coding experience. By the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with a clear understanding of what a bot is, what it can do, and how brands and businesses can leverage this technology.

12. The Science Behind Building & Maintaining Your Brand Voice and Tone (Contently)

Many brands struggle with maintaining a strong and consistent voice across multiple communication channels. This session, hosted by Contently’s CMO Kelly Wenzel, will provide a solution by introducing attendees to the ‘Science of Voice and Tone’ – a method that uses natural language processing tools to quantify a brand’s unique voice and tone.

13. Keys to Digital Transformation: Best Practices from Sprinklr, SAP, and Nasdaq (Nasdaq)

In this session, we will cover an overview of the latest industry trends in social media space, followed with real-world examples of how two, enterprise companies created best-in-class corporate social media strategy programs, including their overall approach and key lessons learned.

14. Putting Digital Back In The Boardroom: Making Digital Metrics Matter (iris Worldwide)

This workshop will focus on fostering more interest in your work internally, as well as new ways for presenting campaign performance that makes your clients look better than ever before. You’ll learn the difference between a KPI and a measurement metric, and how to present results of a complex program in a single page that executives can follow and make sense of.

15. Connecting Deeper with Social: Ways to Avoid Becoming the New Banner Ad (Swift)

In a workshop by digital agency Swift’s Rick Albano – one of the minds behind social media efforts of Starbucks, Adidas, Nestle, and Pandora among others – he will explore how brands and agencies can connect deeper with social, to both create an emotional connection and drive business results.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 to March 3. HQ passes are sold out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.

14 Events Exploring VR, AI, and the Future of Technology at #SMWNYC

Virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), Chatbots, drones, and wearables are just a few major topics within technology that marketers and media professionals need to be aware of.

Every year, Social Media Week brings some of the leading brands and individuals to the stage to discuss how future technologies and innovations will impact our world, and what we need to do and know in order to not only stay ahead of these changes, but also capitalize on them.

Here are 14 events taking place at #SMWNYC on the future of technology:

1. Bots in Media and Marketing: What Are They Good For? (Code and Theory)

In this session led by Dan Gardner (Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director, Code and Theory), he’ll explain what a bot is, the different types of bots (conversational, chat, content, automated), and how big brands are using bots through various platforms to make product research and experiences more successful and personal.

2. How Johnnie Walker Brought Drunk Driving Into Social Media Users’ (Virtual) Reality (VaynerMedia)

Executives from Facebook, VaynerMedia, Mashable, and Diageo will discuss the expanding virtual reality capabilities of major social media platforms, how virtual reality can be utilized as an educational platform, and ways to bring virtual reality campaign ideas to life on social media.

3. The Rise of the AI-Empowered Social Influencer (gyro)

Artificial intelligence is taking influencer marketing to a new level. This session will break down the ways influencers can become their own media powerhouse with the help of artificial intelligence, how AI business partnerships help marketers better understand ROI, and how influencers and media companies can automate 60-80% of their workflows.

4. Machine Learning & Human Motivators: Understanding the Why of What We Do (Mind Genomics Advisors)

Today’s consumers are more complex and more overburdened with noise than ever, yet most industries rely on archaic tools – like surveys and focus groups – to inform critical messaging decisions. This session will help you understand the new ways to invest in message recombination solutions.

5. Decoding ?????: Building Machines That Know How Humans Feel (Decoded)

In this session led by Jeffrey Lancaster (Head of Product, Decoded), he’ll offer step-by-step demonstration of using APIs to understand customers’ sentiment towards products by analyzing the language in their social media posts. Jeffrey will also walk away with an understanding of machine learning, sentiment analysis, and tools to get started with APIs.

6. How AI Assistants will Change the Way We Work and Live (

Have you ever emailed someone who asked you to set up a meeting through “Amy” or “Andrew”? If so, is the team responsible for this AI personal assistant used by some of tech’s most prominent individuals. In this talk, Dennis Mortensen (CEO and Founder, will explain how interactions between humans and computers are likely to evolve in the next decade, what it takes to humanize AI, and why it matters.

7. Chatbots: Your Brand New Acquisition Channel (Botanalytics)

If you’re searching for a gold mine in your user acquisition channels, chatbots are becoming the one that compensate all your needs. In this presentation, Ilker Koksal (co-founder, Botanalytics) will discuss how big the chatbot market is, and how it’s growing day by day. He’ll also explain engagement measurement, retention and acquisition metrics of bots.

8. Yelling at Robots (Luminary Labs)

In this fireside chat, three AI-focused wordmasters (Erin McKean, Michelle McSweeny, PhD, and Sara Holoubek) will comment on this new intersection of language and technology with bots. They will explore topics such as why voice recognition is still so frustrating, how AI may be conditioning children to be rude, and how human speech must evolve to keep up with machines.

9. Future Publishing Models: VR and 360 Video with The New York Times (The New York Times)

In this session Sam Dolnick (Associate Editor, NYT) and Andy Wright (Publisher, The New York Times Magazine) will share how they have embraced, integrated and innovated in VR and 360 video with exceptional results for brands and readers alike via NYT’s VR app while working with award-winning journalists and reporters.

10. The Future of Marketing: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Bots for Brands (TOPBOTS)

This interactive presentation is targeted towards brand executives and marketers who want to understand the latest breakthroughs in AI and bots for marketing, the best industry practices and case studies, and how to design and deploy emerging technologies like AI and chat bots for their brands. Adelyn Zhou (Founder and CMO, TOPBOTS) will lead this session.

11. AI vs. Mankind: Who’s Influencing Who? (Sylvain Labs)

This session will delve deep into the evolving world of AI while considering how AI is (and will) impact our everyday lives, if people are more likely to trust an AI than a brand or person, and expanded models that offer a conceptual view influence in this new age of AI.

12. Schrödingers Bot (The Economist Group)

This debate-style session will examine the future of communication and the impact AI will have on PR and marketing. Alan Berkson (Director of Community Outreach, Freshdesk) and Gemma Craven (SVP, Director of Social & Mobile, McCann) will dive into how bots are being used now and in the future, and how professionals should prepare today for the changing digital landscape of tomorrow.

13. Artificial Intelligence for Real Social Traction (IV.AI)

Explore how AI is changing everything through machine learning, data understanding, and bots. Learn how to grow your audience in a personal way and understand every interaction. Led by Vince Lynch (CEO, IV.AI), this session will focus on AI for audience understanding, conversational commerce, and automation of content creation.

14. The Future of Human Computer Interaction: How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Will Incite Behavior Change (Addicaid)

Humans instinctively seek patterns, but our approaches are oftentimes biased and ineffective. Learn why one of the main objectives of machine learning is to find patterns, and extend influence to improve systems with automation and analysis. Sam Frons (Founder, Addicaid) will also share her latest research and long-term trends of AI and machine learning in society.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 to March 3. HQ passes are sold out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.

Stranger Things’ David Harbour to speak at #SMWNYC

One of the companies at the forefront of celebrities, fans and advertising is WHOSAY, a leading influencer marketing and media company that creates campaigns for brands starring celebrities, influencers and tastemakers.

WHOSAY has run hundreds of successful influencer campaigns for brands such as Coke, McDonald’s, Google, AT&T, Chevrolet, Cigna, Principal and Comcast, and at Social Media Week New York, Steve Ellis, CEO of WHOSAY will discuss the weird and sometimes upside down world of celebrities and social media.

Joining Steve on stage is a very special guest you might recognize from your favorite Netflix series: David Harbour, one of the stars of the critically acclaimed Netflix show Stranger Things. If you watched The SAG Awards last month, you saw David and his cast accept the award for Outstanding Performance in an Ensemble in a Drama Series, which means you also saw his incredible acceptance speech…


#SMWNYC attendees and livestream viewers will get a glimpse from Steve Ellis and David Harbour into what it’s like to connect to a rabid fan base and learn what fans want to hear, what they want to talk about, and what their expectations are for their favorite celebrities

Plus, they’ll delve into what they each believe is next for the fan-to-star relationship, as well as what the future may hold for social media platforms, brands, and celebrities all working together.

How Blue Apron Used Data and Social Media to Acquire and Retain Customers

In just a few short years, Blue Apron has grown from innovative upstart to the undisputed market leader in curated home food delivery. This rise is a natural consequence of their great product and superior customer experience, but it wouldn’t have been possible without being able to convince millions of people to try their service in the first place.

Judging by Blue Apron’s success, it’s no surprise that they have one of the best acquisition teams in the business — and lots of stories to share.

Join us at #SMWNYC and hear from Greg Fitzgerald (Director of Acquisition Marketing, Blue Apron) and Joshua Neckes (Co-Founder, Simon Data) for an in-depth look into how Blue Apron employs a data-first, cross-channel approach to getting the most out of social media for customer acquisition.

The event, “Building a Billion Dollar Business: How Blue Apron Used Data and Social Media to Acquire and Retain Customers,” will help attendees get direct insight into a top-performing acquisition marketing team while learning about the role of paid social, sponsored content, influencer marketing, and other critical channels for high-growth businesses.

Other key takeways from this session include the challenges and benefits of coordinating social media with other essential marketing channels, and examples of how leveraging customer data helps business focus not on just acquiring customers, but on acquiring the best customers.

This session takes place on Tuesday, February 28 at Social Media Week New York. HQ passes are sole out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.

14 Events Exploring the Future of Video at #SMWNYC

The state of video for news outlets, content marketers, and everyone in-between is constantly changing, and at Social Media Week New York, you will hear from the industry’s experts on how to break through the noise with video content.

Below are 14 events that will dive into these questions, and get you up to speed on the latest trends such as virtual reality, 360 video, live video, and storytelling in new, immersive formats.

1. What’s Emerging? Insights, and Big Predictions for the Future of Our Industry (Deep Focus)

In this opening session to kick off #SMWNYC, Chairman of Deep Focus, Ian Schafer will participate in a rapid fire Q&A about the state of the industry. During the discussion Ian will share his predictions for business and what he believes are the most important opportunities and challenges that marketers face today.

2. Distributed Media All-Stars: Experts Share Their Viral Content Secrets (Insider)

Insider has nearly 2 billion video views each month across platforms including Facebook. Nicholas Carlson (Editor-in-Chief, Insider) will moderate a discussion with some of the leading distributed media content creators — all of whom will share their own secret sauce for creating and distributing content with the power to go viral like wildfire.

3. Keeping Up With Social Platform Perspectives (Adaptly)

Audiences are becoming more and more fragmented every day. Though 78% of Americans have a social media profile, users exhibit markedly different behavior on each of the major platforms. Learn how users consume content differently (speed, sound-on versus sound-off, images vs. text), as well as the approach advertisers should take towards campaign planning.

4. Don’t Call Snapchat a Social Media Platform (Sweet)

Snapchat is expanding into a full-blown entertainment and communication platform; it’s so much more than social media, and it is becoming deeply personal. In this talk, Ross Clark (VP and GM, Sweet – Snapchat Discover Channel) will speak on the importance of creating a two-way dialogue with conversational content and about future trends of different digital media that have outgrown their early “social” beginnings.

5. Spatial Storytelling with Megan Summers, Global Head of Production, Facebook (Facebook)

In this talk, Megan, who runs production globally for Facebook’s Creative Shop team, will lead a session that explores new storytelling principles and languages in the age of VR, 360 and the Feed.

6. The Evolution of Social Video (Adaptly)

From modest YouTube beginnings to effortless livestreaming from a smartphone, social video has evolved immensely over the past decade. Today, over 100 million hours of video are consumed on Facebook daily, and smartphone users spend 45 minutes each day watching videos on their phones. Ken Blom (Director, Branded Content Distribution, BuzzFeed), Nikhil Sethi (Co-Founder and CEO, Adaptly), and Jeff Taylor (Regional Product Marketing Manager, Instagram) will lead this session on social video best practices for brands.

7. Video + Media: The Power of Visual Communication in the Digital Age (Brit + Co)

It’s no secret that video now rules the digital media world. Whether it’s a video mini-series, a Facebook Live, or a GIF, visual content is catching the attention of consumers and brands alike. Brit Morin, Founder & CEO of a digital media and commerce company Brit + Co, has always been focused on the visual, and she’s speaking at #SMWNYC on why video is the center of media right now, and the benefits and challenges of making visual communication a core focus of your business.

8. From URL to IRL: The Content for the Digital Generation (Refinery29)

Refinery29 is constantly balancing meaningful digital content with real-life experiences across platforms like Snapchat Discover, Facebook, Instagram, and more. In this session, Refinery29’s SVP of Content Strategy & Innovation, Neha Gandhi, will explain how her team creates authentic content that resonates with today’s audience plus the power of emerging platforms.

9. The Future of Video in Advertising with Michelle Klein, Marketing Director of North America at Facebook (Facebook)

In this talk, Michelle Klein, Facebook’s Head of Marketing, North America, will share Facebook’s vision for the future of video, the role it will play in advertising and how language and communication will continue to evolve in this space.

10. Instagram Killed The Television Star (Crowdtap)

Television as we know it will soon be no longer. The notion of tuning in to a TV network will be a distant memory and the proverbial cord will someday be forever cut. These changes will disrupt the marketing industry in ways that the onset of the internet itself didn’t achieve. Leading this session is Matt Britton (Chief Executive Officer, Crowdtap).

11. How Johnnie Walker Brought Drunk Driving Into Social Media Users’ (Virtual) Reality (VaynerMedia)

In this panel, attendees will learn from marketing and studio production experts at Diageo and VaynerMedia, respectively, on how together they exposed social media users to a reality never before experienced on platforms including Facebook 360, YouTube 360, and in an integration with the New York Times to directly and emotionally impact viewers.

12. and MTV: A Master Class in Mobilizing Musers (MTV)

From the MTV Video Music Awards to the Nickelodeon HALO Awards to other major events and activations,’s powers of promotion and unprecedented engagement have brought custom solutions to life for networks, studios, and brands. Join representatives from and MTV for a master class on harnessing the power of this video social network and its influential group of “musers.”

13. All You Can Eat: How BuzzFeed’s Tasty Used An Audience-Driven Approach to Become the No.1 Publisher on Facebook (BuzzFeed)

In less than two years, Tasty, BuzzFeed’s global food network, has published more than 2,000 recipe videos that reach a staggering 500 million people a month. Michelle Kempner (VP of Operations, BuzzFeed) will share BuzzFeed’s test and learn approach as well as digital advantages that helped build the initial and continued success of Tasty and beyond.

14. Future Publishing Models: VR and 360 Video (The New York Times)

Via NYT’s VR app, users can go underwater or on the campaign trail, experience life through the eyes of a refugee or explore previously unseen worlds and experience stories reported by award-winning journalists, all told in an immersive, 360-degree video experience. In this session, Sam Dolnick (Associate Editor at NYT) and Andy Wright (Publisher, The New York Times Magazine) will share how they have embraced, integrated and innovated in VR and 360 with exceptional results for brands and readers alike.

Hear from the GM and VP of Sweet, the brainchild of Hearst Magazines and Snapchat

Ross Clark is Vice President and General Manager of Sweet, a partnership between Hearst Magazines and Snapchat, and the first media brand born on and built for Snapchat’s Discover platform.

He oversees Sweet’s partnerships across editorial, growth and revenue, and has led a number of high-profile initiatives for the brand including exclusive editorial partnerships with Gucci and Carolina Herrera plus advertising partnerships with Apple, L’Oreal, Universal Studios and more.

Ross will take the official #SMWNYC stage on Tuesday afternoon to explain how Snapchat is expanding into a full-blown entertainment and communication platform, why it’s so much more than social media, and how it is becoming deeply personal.

In this talk, Ross will speak on the importance of creating a two-way dialogue with conversational content and about future trends of different digital media that have outgrown their early “social” beginnings. If you’d like to attend this session, sign up to attend Social Media Week in New York this February 28 to March 3.

You’ll understand some of the ways Ross and the Sweet team capture the attention of the coveted millennial audience using a unique lens on how the platform is evolving and how to best leverage its features.

Prior to joining Sweet Clark was a Senior Director at Conde Nast. where he built a global distribution network by sourcing, negotiating and implementing multiple global content distribution deals to create a network of over 25 partners including Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube, and sourced the company’s acquisition of Pitchfork Media – Conde Nast’s first editorial acquisition in seven years.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 at The TimesCenter. Register to attend here before passes sell out, and view more events on our official schedule here.

Bob Cohn, President of The Atlantic, will detail the brand’s transformation at #SMWNYC

Bob Cohn is the president of The Atlantic. He oversees the magazine’s business and editorial teams on its principal platforms: print, digital, video, live events, and consulting. He was named to the job in 2014 after serving five years as editor of Atlantic Digital, where he built and managed teams at, The Wire, and CityLab, growing’s audience ten-fold.

Six years after turning a profit for the first time, The Atlantic begins 2017 with its audience, revenue, and staff at record highs. This year will be marked by a global focus and continued expansion of and

On Tuesday morning at Social Media Week New York, The Atlantic’s president, Bob Cohn, will detail the transformation of the organization over the last decade, and the challenges and opportunities ahead. View the event here, and make sure you register for #SMWNYC to attend this session and many others throughout the week.

Before coming to The Atlantic, Bob Cohn worked for eight years as the executive editor of Wired, where he helped the magazine find a mainstream following and earn a national reputation. During the dot-com boom, he was the executive editor of The Industry Standard, a newsweekly covering the Internet economy. He began his journalism career at Newsweek, where for 10 years he was a correspondent in the Washington bureau, covering the Supreme Court and the Justice Department and, later, the Clinton White House.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 at The TimesCenter. Register to attend here before passes sell out, and view more events on our official schedule here.

12 Must-See Industry Leaders Speaking at #SMWNYC

Social Media Week New York brings some of the world’s most innovative, educational, and inspiring executives to the official stage. From major social media platforms and global agencies, to the technology startups and publishing powerhouses we read about everyday.

Here’s a sample of notable industry leaders speaking at #SMWNYC this year:

By the way, only 275 passes left. Make sure to get yours here!

  1. Brit Morin (Founder & CEO, Brit + Co)
  2. Sebastian Tomich (SVP, Advertising & Innovation, The New York Times)
  3. Neha Gandhi (SVP of Content Strategy & Innovation, Refinery29)
  4. Ross Clark (VP & GM, Sweet – Snapchat Discover Channel)
  5. Michelle Klein (Marketing Director, North America, Facebook)
  6. Bob Cohn (President, The Atlantic)
  7. Sarah Frank (Editor, NowThis News)
  8. Adam Leibsohn (Chief Operating Officer, Giphy)
  9. Megan Summers (Global Head of Production, Facebook)
  10. Sam Dolnick (Associate Editor, The New York Times)
  11. Nazanin Rafsanjani (Creative Director, Gimlet Creative)
  12. Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis (Global Chief Analytics Officer, Wunderman)

You can view more official speakers here, and the initial schedule of #SMWNYC events here. If you are planning to attend, we only have 275 HQ passes remaining and will sell out soon. Take advantage of the 10%-off sale to lock in your spot before it’s too late!

Announcing the Initial Lineup of #SMWNYC Events and Speakers

This February, Social Media Week returns to New York for its 9th year.

If you’ve been waiting to see who we’ve confirmed to speak, then your wait is over. Check out the initial lineup of events, speakers and presenting brands.

Tickets are selling fast and with less than 500 HQ passes remaining we’re on schedule to sell out the event in the next few weeks. Secure yours at 20% off today!

This year’s program will be our most inspiring and thought provoking to-date. Through our 2017 global theme, “Language and the Machine”, we will explore a future, where new elements of language and forms of communication will continue to evolve. We’ll dive into these trends via four themed days of events, which will look at the Business, Art, Science and Future of social media.

Each day we’ll address a range of topics including Emerging Platforms, New Business Models, Content Creation, Storytelling and Distribution, Fake News, Snapchat for Brands, Facebook Live and the Future of Video, Paid Social, AI, Chatbots and VR.

Featured #SMWNYC sessions already confirmed include:

  • Distributed Media All-Stars: Experts Share Their Viral Content Secrets, with Business Insider
  • Don’t call Snapchat a Social Media Platform with Hearst’s Snapchat publication Sweet
  • From legacy brand to multi-platform powerhouse, with Bob Cohen, President of The Atlantic
  • Experiential Brand Storytelling with The New York Times and Fake Love
  • Spatial Storytelling, with Megan Summers, Global Head of Production, Facebook
  • How Johnnie Walker Brought Drunk Driving Into Social Media Users’ (Virtual) Reality with VaynerMedia
  • The Future of Data-Driven Customer Communications with Bitly’s CTO
  • Serving the Public: PBS and the Future of Language with Iris Worldwide
  • Podcasts and Brands: A Match Made in Brand Marketing Heaven with Gimlet Media
  • A/B Testing is Dead. Long Live Rapid Mass Experimentation with Wunderman
  • Decoding ?: Building Machines That Know How Humans Feel
  • Social Etiquette For Chatting With Robots with Momentum Worldwide Chief Technology Officer

Social Media Week will take place February 28 to March 3 at The TimesCenter in midtown Manhattan. You can secure your pass with a 20% discount by signing up before prices increase on January 12.

Make sure you look out for more #SMWNYC announcements over the next several weeks. We’ll introduce new sessions, speakers, and brand partners taking the official #SMWNYC stages.

8 Reasons to Attend Social Media Week in New York

#SMWNYC is entering it’s 9th year, and this year feels as fresh and original as it’s ever been. We just announced the initial lineup of speakers and events, but if that’s not enough, here are eight reasons why you won’t want to miss Social Media Week this February 28 to March 3 in New York.

If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to take advantage of our 20%-off sale which expires on January 12. An impressive list of brands is already registered to attend featuring executives from Subway, KAYAK, Univision, Ralph Lauren, CNN, Justworks, OMD, Nickelodeon, Teen Vogue, NBCU, AMC Networks, MailChimp, TED, HSBC, The New York Times, Viacom, L’Oreal USA, and JPMorgan Chase.

Here are eight reasons to attend Social Media Week in New York this year:

1. Access new ideas and inspiration

Choose from 100+ talks, sessions and interviews across two stages at The TimesCenter. This year, you can learn from executives of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Viacom, Gimlet Media, National Geographic, The Economist, The New York Times, Samsung, Johnny Walker and Accenture.

2. Explore emerging trends

Throughout the week, we’ll explore important topics including Platforms, Business Models, Content Creation and Storytelling, Fake News, Snapchat for Brands, Facebook Live and the Future of Video, Paid Social, AI, Chatbots and VR.

3. Take your career and business to the next level

Whether you need to become a better data marketer, understand Facebook’s News Feed algorithms, or learn the ins and outs of SEO, you’ll be immersed into an educational format with some of the industry’s best marketing and media practitioners breaking down concepts and strategies into actionable lessons you can implement into your business the very next day.

4. Make #SMWNYC your office + classroom for the week

In addition to the incredible program, we’ll have co-working lounges where you can meet with colleagues or clients, connect to WiFi to get your normal work done, ample space to relax, and more perks to enjoy throughout the week at The TimesCenter.

5. Network with leading professionals

Social media professionals are not only active online, but offline as well. We’re an open community of thinkers and doers willing to have a conversation or spur-of-the-moment brainstorm session. Even if you spend most of the day on your phone, at Social Media Week, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded industry peers and potential partners and clients. Plus the “Ask Me Anything” Lounge allows attendees to talk directly with 200+ #SMWNYC speakers as soon as their session ends.

6. Centralized location in the heart of New York

The TimesCenter in midtown Manhattan is accessible from many major subways, trains, and buses. It features a beautiful theater that holds up to 500 people, which means no long lines or sessions at capacity. There will also be a second stage with more intimate events catered to a variety of topics and industry trends. #SMWNYC returns to The TimesCenter, and attendees will get to enjoy free lunch, coffee, Kind Bars and fresh pressed juices each day.

7. Get a fresh perspective outside of office walls

If you’re searching for fresh ideas or just need to press the reset button on your brain, spending a week learning with others outside of your company’s office walls could be the solution to your creative road-block. You’ll meet new people from different backgrounds who share a passion for marketing, social media, technology, and innovation. Just one conversation or speaker insight could unlock your next greatest idea.

8. Have fun!

In addition to the exclusive Opening Reception that kicks off the week, SMW offers a relaxed, collaborative and friendly atmosphere that brings people together for a week of conversations and networking to celebrate our industry. The greater New York media and tech industry also participates with special events at some of the most unique locations in Manhattan.

There are less than 500 available passes, so make sure to lock in your spot by signing up at your earliest convenience. The 20%-off sale ends the night of January 12.

The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to NYC Tech

NextView Ventures, a seed-stage VC firm with offices in Boston and New York, just launched the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to New York City Tech” intended to equip anyone interested in the New York City startup ecosystem with an information arsenal to help plot his or her own journey.

This guide makes New York’s technology ecosystem transparent and accessible – to newcomers and transplants as much as to local tech experts. The guide is broken down into sections, including: Arrive, Learn, Meet, Explore, Work, and Raise.

Within the “Explore” section, Social Media Week NYC is one of the featured events and conferences in the guide! We’re proud to be a part of such an impressive list of NYC industry groups, companies, individuals, and organizations. Thanks to the Nextview team for the shout-out.

ultimate nyc tech guide

Join Us In 2017 for Social Media Week New York

We’re excited to announce the opening of registration for Social Media Week New York, which returns February 27, 2017 for a week of conversations around the intersection of social technology and creativity through keynotes, panels, presentations, demos, workshops, talks, and interactive events.

Until June 3rd at midnight, passes are on sale at 60%-off! If you register before the June 3rd deadline, you’ll also receive a free, 12-month subscription to SMW Insider, our new video platform where you can watch SMW live or on-demand from Los Angeles, London, and Chicago.

We have exciting things in the works for SMW New York, and we have a number of big announcements lined up for the coming weeks and months. We hope you’ll join us later this year, and if you haven’t experienced Social Media Week before, here’s a small preview of what to expect.

That’s a Wrap on #SMWNYC, Thank You To Everyone for Participating!

That’s a wrap on February’s edition of Social Media Week in New York!

Thank you to our attendees for joining the conversation throughout the week at The TimesCenter and SVA Theatre. Every February, we’re thrilled to bring together some of the leading minds and organizations in New York, and your feedback has been incredible already.

Please take just a few seconds to complete our 5-question survey! If you complete the survey, you’ll be automatically eligible to win a free pass for Social Media Week New York in 2017!

Also, thank you to our sponsors that help us produce Social Media Week in New York every year, and a special thank you to Brandwatch, our City Supporting Sponsor, for their participation in #SMWNYC this February.

You can learn more about how Social Media Week is working with Brandwatch throughout 2016, and also read “What’s Coming Next In Visual-based Social?” to see what Brandwatch’s Chief Marketing Officer, Will McInnes, expects for the future of visual communications and social media.

Speakers at Conference
Panelists at Conference


Thank you to our Official Event Partners that helped put together one of the best programs we’ve ever had at Social Media Week, our New York Advisory Board, volunteers, Independent Event Organizers around the city, and the 250+ speakers that led sessions throughout the week!

You can head over to SMW News, where we recapped each of the official sessions that took place during #SMWNYC. Our talented team of writers covered the sessions in case you missed a quote, want to re-live the event, or share a specific talk with a colleague.

Individuals that couldn’t attend in-person can purchase a Digital Pass to SMW Live, our on-demand video library with full videos from the 60+ official events in New York.

Lastly, check out photos from the entire week on our Facebook page!

Join Us In 2016 for Social Media Week

20+ cities around the globe. Join us for Social Media Week in 2016.

Posted by Social Media Week on Friday, February 12, 2016

Attendee FAQs: Everything You Need To Know About Pass Pickup and Beyond

Social Media Week New York begins February 22nd with our Official Opening Party for Insider Passholders. On Tuesday, we’ll welcome attendees to the TimesCenter and SVA Theatre to kick off a week of incredible events, conversations, and ideas.

If you’re attending SMW New York, here are some frequently asked questions covering pass pickup, the official venues, the schedule, speakers, and other things you might be eager to learn.

Pass Pick-Up Information

On Friday Feb. 19, each Passholder will receive an email from our Check-in Technology Partner with a check-in barcode. Upon arriving to one of the SMW official venues, display that email on your mobile device to our check-in personnel at one of the official venues.

See pick-up schedule below, and please bring a valid photo ID or passport.

Monday 2/22

  • TimesCenter Front Lobby: 12:00 – 5:00pm
  • SVA Theatre Front Lobby: 12:00 – 5:00pm

Tuesday 2/23

  • TimesCenter Front Lobby: 8:30am – 5:30pm
  • SVA Theatre Front Lobby: 8:15am – 3:30pm

Wednesday 2/24

  • TimesCenter Front Lobby: 8:30am – 5:30pm
  • SVA Theatre Front Lobby: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Thursday 2/25

  • TimesCenter Front Lobby: 8:30am – 5:30pm
  • SVA Theatre Front Lobby: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Friday 2/26

  • TimesCenter Front Lobby: 8:30am – 3:00pm
  • SVA Theatre Front Lobby: 8:30am – 3:00pm

Who attends Social Media Week New York?

The SMW audience is made up of senior marketers, founders, entrepreneurs, influencers and digitally connected consumers across a range of industries including marketing, advertising, communications, media, publishing, technology, arts and entertainment.

When does SMW New York take place?

SMW New York takes place February 22-26, 2016.

All official events will take place at our two venues: The TimesCenter and SVA Theatre beginning on Tuesday the 23rd. You need a Campus or Insider Pass to attend official events. There are also Independent Events that occur Monday through Friday of the same week, and use separate registration via the independent event’s session page on the schedule.

Where does SMW New York take place?

Official programming during SMW New York 2016 will take place at two iconic New York venues:

  • The TimesCenter: 242 W 41st St, New York, NY 10036
  • SVA Theater: 333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

The venues each have theaters that hold more than 400 people, which means no long lines or sessions at capacity, along with separate simulcasting theaters so that you can check what’s happening at each venue.

In addition, we’ll have co-working lounges where you can meet with colleagues or clients, connect to WiFi to get your normal work done, and space to relax as you enjoy the incredible sessions throughout the week. The aim this year is to provide attendees, speakers and partners with a much bigger stage and plenty of space to enjoy the entire week.

Reminder: only official events take place at The TimesCenter and SVA Theatre. Independent Events listed on the schedule are organized by the greater SMW community, and take place throughout the city. Please check the event descriptions for venue info.

Where can I view the schedule of events?

You can view the official schedule here for SMW New York. You can also download the official SMW mobile app which allows you to access the schedule, speakers, and even the sessions you’ve bookmarked from your SMW account.

Tip: “Bookmark” events on the schedule
Bookmarks allow you to easily view and save the sessions you’re most interested in. Just look for the small, blue bookmark icons on the schedule page, and click to save that event. You can then email all of your bookmarks with just two clicks.

Who is speaking at Social Media Week New York this year?

More than 200 industry leaders will speak at SMW New York. You can view them all on our speaker page here for SMW New York. Also, the official SMW mobile app allows you to see who’s speaking.

Does my pass get me into Independent SMW events?

Your pass is only for official SMW New York events. Independent Events are run by the larger SMW community, not us. Therefore, while your pass grants you access to all official (SMW) events, it won’t necessarily get you into Independent Events.

Can I share my pass with other colleagues throughout the week?

Every individual that attends official Social Media Week NYC events is required to have his or her own pass. We do not allow multiple individuals to share one pass. There will be attendee check-points and badge monitoring throughout the week.

Is there a mobile app for Social Media Week?

Yes! You Can download our official SMW Mobile App to connect with other SMW fans and attendees, access the conference schedule and speaker list, follow various social feeds, take notes, and more.

Will attendees have WiFi and space to work during the week?

Yes! Throughout the week, both venues will have co-working space for you to check email, and WiFi to connect all your devices. You can make either SMW New York venue your headquarters for the week to be productive and get your regular work done.

What is the official hashtag for Social Media Week New York?

You can follow along and join the conversation online using the official hashtag, #SMWNYC. Use this on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and anywhere else to participate in the conversations and discussions throughout the week.

Do any hotels offer SMW New York attendees a special rate?

We’re glad you asked! We have five official hotel partners. You can learn more about these hotels, and the exclusive rates they have for attendees, by visiting our Travel and Accommodations page.

Who are the official partners and sponsors of Social Media Week New York?

You can learn more about our official partners here. We’d like to thank each of them for helping make Social Media Week possible, and are proud to be working them this year in New York!

Are there discounts or scholarships available?

At the moment, our SMW Scholarship Program for students and non-profits is closed. If you’re still looking to purchase a pass, you can visit the SMW New York pass options page for the most up to date rates.

8 Speakers Leading Discussions on Publishing and Content Creation at #SMWNYC

Everything we read, watch, and listen to online starts as an idea, and ends up as content. Some content performs better than others, but it seems like anyone and everyone is trying to throw their hat into the content and publishing ring.

At SMW New York, some of the leading publishers and content creators will join us to share their knowledge, learning, and experience with attendees. Click here to register your pass for SMW New York, and gain access to events and speakers that will dive deep into the current and future state of online content and digital publishing.

1. Stephanie Losee (Executive Director, Brand Content, Politico)

Tuesday, Feb. 23 • 2:30PM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
When it comes to brands creating engaging content, the stakes have never been higher. The growth in programmatic and in ad blockers means that content needs to be at Hollywood-scale and cost half the price, which forces brands, agencies and publishers to prove that the level of investment in content is worth it. Along with Stephanie, hear from Brian Becker (Executive Director, Head of Newsroom, JPMorgan Chase), Shareen Pathak (Brands Editor, Digiday), and Jinal Shah (Digital Strategy Director, JWT New York).

2. Joyann King (Editor,

Tuesday, Feb. 23 • 3:30PM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
Joyann will speak on this panel to explore how large scale increases in social followings are achieved, and compare the effectiveness of two differing social strategies: the use of performance metrics and audience data to inform social content, and following gut instinct to create posts that resonate with audiences. Kate Lewis (VP, Content Operations & Editorial Director, Hearst Digital), will moderate this session.

3. Summer Anne Burton (Editorial Director, Distributed, BuzzFeed)

Wednesday, Feb. 24 • 11:00AM • SVA Theatre (EDU Stage)
In this interactive presentation, BuzzFeed social experts Rachel Christensen and Summer Anne Burton will discuss how they helped successfully build the largest social networks in media by rethinking the way the industry sees social media editors, content, and distribution. They’ll cover how BuzzFeed stuck to scrappy and unconventional ways of thinking, and how they used data to inform their strategies.

4. Chris Berend (Vice President for Video Development, CNN)

Thursday, Feb. 25 • 9:00AM • SVA Theatre (EDU Stage)
Learn how to build a content strategy that’s informed by data from your social media properties. Plus, find out secrets to harness that data for audience targeting, distribution and more. Berend brings a wealth of experience to Great Big Story, a socially-distributed video network that covers real stories, where he oversees strategy and day-to-day operations from editorial to product and audience development.

More at SMW New York: 5 Events At #SMWNYC On How To Engage Gen-Y And Gen-Z On Social Media

5. Emily Bazelon (Staff Writer, The New York Times Magazine)

Thursday, Feb. 25 • 11:30AM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
In 2008, the political news cycle moved to the blogs, and in 2012 it spilled into social media but remained mostly intact as an insular conversation among journalists and opinion-shapers. In 2016, it’s being disrupted by candidates, trolls, and everyone in between. Hear from Emily Bazelon as she joins this session hosted by Blue State Digital. Also on this session is Garance Franke-Ruta (Editor in Chief, Yahoo Politics, Yahoo News).

6. Neal Mann (Editor, The Wall Street Journal)

Thursday, Feb. 25 • 4:30PM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
Will data be the new Editor-in-Chief? With the rise of machine learning and the availability of data, both publishers and platforms rely on algorithms, analytics and data modeling to personalize content to no end. A reader’s interaction with content becomes part of an optimization equation, based on preferences, actions taken online and the communities they belong to. Is this a good thing? Does journalism suffer without a human touch? Neal Mann will answer these questions and more during this session.

7. Philippe von Borries (Co-Founder and Co-CEO , Refinery29)

Friday, Feb. 26 • 9:30AM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
Through the rise of social networks and smartphones, the millennial ideology has transformed communication, making instantaneous, raw, and constant contact the norm. Philippe von Borries, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of lifestyle media company Refinery29, will discuss the advantages and challenges that this new landscape presents using concrete examples of how Refinery29 is capitalizing on this moment through its recent global expansion.

8. Eric Alt (Editor of CoCreate, Fast Company)

Friday, Feb. 26 • 1:00PM • SVA Theatre (EDU Stage)
Eric Alt will participate in a session to discuss why designers, writers, photographers and video producers need to think about execution and ideas informed by data on how to better speak to our audiences. Content creators are reducing subjectivity in favor of new ways of working by bringing creative, strategy, account and paid media teams closer than ever, all through insights and numbers.