Architects, Inventors, & Collaborators: SMW NYC Daily Themes

Two ideas linked together because of one bond.

No restrictions or barriers, leading to a transparent ecosystem.

These two words are the centerpiece of our global theme. Open & Connected: Principles for a Collaborative World. But what does that look like here in NYC? Using it as our framework, we want to explore the archetypes that will help create that collaborative world- the Architects, the Inventors, and the Collaborators.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll present a different archetype and focus on how that role is crucial in creating a more open and connected environment.

The Architects: Creating an Open World
We know that people around the globe are innovating and interacting together through the use of social and digital media at an ever-increasing rate. However, many of our traditional systems and structures inhibit, rather than promote, those ideals and interaction. On Tuesday, February 19th, we will address ways in which we can rethink traditional structures to be more reflective of a 21st Century World that thrives on openness and collaboration. Our goal is to challenge you to think big about new structures.

The Inventors: Making Your Own Future
Technology is empowering individuals to direct their own future through sparking change, pursuing creative endeavors, and finding economic stability in nontraditional ways. Wednesday, February 20th, will focus on how we can use new tools to take the future into our own hands, inspiring you to ask what your role will be in this changing world and how you can get there.

The Collaborators: Innovating Together
Collaboration is becoming increasingly essential to accelerate and amplify the flow of ideas. Thursday, February 21st, will feature discussions on how allowing open innovation and collaboration to permeate more of our society and business culture will be a key component of securing our future. We want to explore what that looks like together, as a society and a world.

Structures, individuals, and society. They all play a role and we can’t wait to explore them with you and how it will help us build a more collaborative world. Just a little more inspiration as you brainstorm how to join the conversation this SMW NYC!

Image courtesy Charlot Group.