The Power of Relationships: Helping You Harness It

Relationships matter. We all know that. But do we really know how to maximize our relationships in the workplace? I’d venture we could all use a little help in that regard. And that’s where Erica Dhawan excels.

Erica is a globally recognized expert who helps teach business leaders how to lead better and improve innovation with specific strategies and creative actions. If you’ve ever heard the term “Connectional Intelligence,” she’s part of the reason why. It’s a methodology to drive innovation by harnessing the value of networks and relationships. In short, she helps you understand and do your relationships better.

Connectional Intelligence consists of these capabilities:

      + Contextualization: the ability to gain a broader, peripheral perspective and use it as a catalyst
      + Community: the ability to bring together people
      + Combination: the ability to take different ideas, resources, or products and combine them to create something entirely new and generate a new way of thinking
      + Combustion: the ability to mobilize and curate diverse networks and resources in pursuit of a goal
      + Courageous conversation: the ability to begin charged difficult discussions and raise their awareness for greater good


Erica brings with her some serious Wall Street experience. So, what is doing with us at SMW NYC and what will you learn? SShe’ll be leading a session at our new Campus with other thought leaders trying to reinvent the workplace and sharing their strategies. When almost everyone has at least the capacity to link up with people, power, ideas, information and faraway resources, how do we connect better, faster, more efficiently. It’s a deep look at the power of our relationships.

Join us — you won’t walk away thinking of your connections the same.