Attendee Spotlight: Lauren Cucinotta, Director of Community at Decoded, Shares Her Top Picks For #SMWNYC

With a passion for emerging technology, mobile and social media, Social Media Week attendees always strive to understand and share what’s next. This February, we’re excited to explore “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of The Connected Class” throughout the conference, and what this theme represents from today until 2022, when six billion individuals will be connected to each other online. The sessions you won’t want to miss feature leading companies sharing their top strategies and predictions of what’s happening, and what’s to come.

To help you discover the best of Social Media Week New York, we asked a few of our attendees to share their top picks for events, talks and masterclasses taking place throughout the week.  Below, Lauren Cucinotta, Director of Community at Decoded, gives us a look at the events she’s most excited for:

  1. Decoding Wearables: Understanding Wearable Technology to Create Cooler Campaigns
    “Decoded CTO Amadeus is one of the smartest people I know – and he loves wearables. We go into the future of wearable technology in the Decoded Tech in a Day class, but I’m excited to see Amadeus delve a bit deeper and see how to use this technology in social campaigns.”
  2. Unlocking the Language of Code to Increase Your Digital IQ
    “The world is digital, and everyone needs to have an understanding of code and the internet to harness its power to innovate. Heidi, Head of Product for Decoded in the US, is going to give a great workshop to help you be more digitally literate, a small taste of our Code in a Day course.”
  3. Vimeo Video School Love: Creative Toolsets to Engage a Global Audience
    “Video is an amazing medium through which to tell a story and I love that Vimeo is hosting a hands-on session to help people use their platform.”
  4. Is Social Media Still Just Media? The Future of Paid, Earned and Content
    “Besides the fact that my friend Vishal works at MRY and is a cool guy, this is a topic I think about a lot – how do you gain attention (via social, or any platform) in a crowded landscape, and one where you may have to pay for? I personally love that we have multiple ways to get people’s attention through different platforms, and I’m looking forward to hearing some great discussion and insights.”
  5. Creating Video Content for How It’s Consumed
    “I love this as a concept – attention spans are so short, and we are getting delivered content in such a variety of ways, we have to think about creating content for how we are now, and who better than Buzzfeed to help show us?”
  6. Building Products with the Betaworks Hackers in Residence
    “I love the Betaworks community – Alex and Kuan are building great products with Giphy (Which just raised a big round) and Poncho respectively, so I’d love to hear more from them about their processes and next steps for these cool companies.”
  7. The New DIY – Drones, Makers and Bots: A Fireside Chat with Martha Steward and CEO of The Barbarian Group Sophie Kelly
    “I wouldn’t miss this awesome-sounding session for the world. The Queen of Craft discussing all that is cool right now in tech? Sign me up.”
  8. Fostering Self-Disruption, Collaboration and Innovation at Large Companies
    “At Decoded, we work with a lot of large companies who want to disrupt the way things have been always been done by bringing in a greater knowledge of digital. I think this is one way to bring in disruption and foster innovation in a large company and I’m excited to hear about more ways. “

Get your pass today, and join us and our partners for what will be an extraordinary week of exploring our upwardly mobile, connected world.

About Lauren Cucinotta

Lauren builds global communities around big ideas, and brings great ideas to life through the coolest new media strategies she can learn and find. She is currently Director of Community at Decoded, bringing digital transformation to companies around the world. Previously, she was Head of Community Engagement for TEDx at TED, where she helped shape the strategy of a program that launched over 10,000 TED-like events in over 150 countries. Because of that, she has a couch to sleep on in almost every country in the world, but she prefers standing on a surfboard. You can find Lauren on Twitter @lcucinotta.