Youth-Focused Media: Announcing Our Partnership With Differences Magazine

Knowing your audience is key, and that’s something Differences Magazine has down. Catering to teens and young adults from ages 14 to 22, Differences Magazine is an engaging online magazine that not only produces content but provides a forum for teens to discuss nearly all areas of their day-to-day lives.

It brings the best of all worlds, looking at current fashion trends and celebrity entertainment news and real-life issues, higher education, finances, healthy living, and global social issues. All this makes Differences Magazine a perfect partner for SMWNYC. As Social Media Week continues to expand and grow, we want to enhance our programs and features for all of our supporters. And this year, we’re proud for this addition. Complementing our addition of Constant Contact as our Small Business Sponsor, Differences Magazine will not only help us ensure we’re providing high quality content for youth and teens but also help us spread the word.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see content on our blog from Differences Magazine more tailored for our supporters. Learn more about them here, and keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook. And most importantly, welcome Differences Magazine to the SMWNYC partner family!