How New York’s Professionals Stay Updated in The Big Apple

New York is one of the best cities in the world for just about any industry, but especially for marketing, technology, advertising, media, and events. Individuals from around the globe come to New York looking to reach certain goals, and chase specific dreams. Essentially, attaining new benchmarks are only feasible by connecting with the right people.

However, many of the city’s newcomers, and natives too, feel lost in a large pool of events and resources for professionals. Here are some of the best ways to stay connected with what’s happening in New York around marketing, tech, events, and networking opportunities.

1. Meetup

Meetup allows any group, organization, or community to organize events for interested individuals. After selecting your interests, you can easily discover new events too. Meetup has some terrific discovery features that not only recommends Meetups to join, but also events that are nearby, or even ones your friends are planning to attend.

2. Timeout New York

On top of Timeout‘s cultural events, they also list networking and professional opportunities taking place throughout the city. Timeout occasionally throws an epic pop-up event which ranges in focus, and they continuously update their curated list of events to help you find the latest and greatest events to take advantage of.

3. Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and especially Twitter. All of these channels have pages or groups dedicated to specific New York communities. Utilizing Twitter’s Search feature can unlock an entire sea of opportunities. Use keywords such as “New York” and “tonight” to get a list of Tweets with those words. You can also see Facebook Events that your friends are attending, and Facebook even recommends events you might have not seen yet.

4. Word-of-Mouth

Asking friends and colleagues is the old-school way of discovering events, but it also might be the most efficient. Whether you ask around the office or message a friend online, you’ll likely hear about something new that peaks your interest. And better yet, it’s a great conversation starter at events themselves. “How did you hear about this?” and “which events around the city do you enjoy?” not only help break the ice, but they also give you more information on city-happenings.

Furthermore, once you attend an event, you are one step away from learning about multiple similar ones. Take me as an example; last month, I attended a networking event where one of the speakers, Luis Vasquez, spoke about a workshop he had co-founded, StrategyHack. Following his session, out of mere curiosity, I reached out to Luis for more information about this event. This effort resulted in an opportunity to attend the workshop and work together with the StrategyHack team.

StrategyHack offers workshops based on creating real marketing strategies for real startups. Attendees network and learn from each other by attacking common challenges in the startup world in a safe, educational, and exciting environment.

You never know when or where the next opportunity lies. Reach out and ask!

4. Eventbrite

Every month, Eventbrite NYC posts a calendar of events spanning food, business, design, art, music, and more. They curate a robust list on their website too, which you can search and filter by date, price, category, and more.

5. Newsletters

Signing up for newsletters takes the stress out of searching for events. Instead, they come right to your inbox! Two of my favorite newsletters for tech and media are Gary’s Guide and Digital.NYC.

Have a resource or tip to add? Comment below to help New Yorkers discover more amazing events around the city!