Playing 5 Questions with Sean Glass

Social Media Week is just behind us, so we caught up with the industry’s favorite entrepreneur, Sean Glass. Glass hosted the Official Closing Party for Social Media Week, with White Panda as the special performance on February 21st. Check out our brief Q&A as we get ready with Glass about advances in music technology and Social Media Week down below.

  1. How often do you use social media: number of tweets a day, number of likes on Instagram, etc?
    I’ll generally tweet a few times a day, maybe once regarding something I’m working on like a release or an event, and then I’ll talk about Ryan Gosling or something like that here and there. Instagram — once or twice a week I’ll post, generally peruse my friends once a day on average, like a few. Facebook, I mainly use as a messaging service; I don’t read other feeds much at all. But I make sure to post events and releases on there, as besides email, it is the most important marketing tool.
  2. How has social media changed your life?
    It’s not even worth noting specific instances at this point; it’s just a part of life. It’s like asking someone how the telephone changed their life. Everyone is connected, information travels instantly and disappears in seconds or minutes if you’re really engaging. We can be working and programmed nonstop. There is no off switch, no office hours, no vacations, or days off. I’m less interested in how it’s changed those of us who grew up without it than I am interested in what the work force will be like when kids who were raised on it grow up.
  3. What is the best way of utilizing social platforms leading up to and during an event?
    It’s weird to say this, because I hate getting emails, but email is still by far the most important marketing tool. If I tweet, I can count on my hand how many people will show up. If I create a Facebook event, engagement is probably about 5%, and that means it’s an interesting event. Recently, I sent out an email to 3000 people, and 1000 showed up.
  4. What are you currently interested in music technology? A specific app/service?
    Data. I’m interested in companies that are compiling data that we did not have before, and analyzing it to create more informed decisions than we are making in our current day to day. A lot of inefficiencies will be made redundant by data, which I am excited for, as the work will become more creative and focused on building interesting creative ideas and products rather than sifting through the noise.
  5. How do you want to see music technology grow this year?
    Less noise, more creative products. We do not need more “music discovery,” we need distinguishing factors for why an audience will notice my stuff rather than someone else’s.

TJ Mizell Will DJ the #SMWNYC Official Closing Party!

To wrap up the 2016 edition of Social Media Week new York, organizers Crowdcentric and LDV Hospitality are hosting the Official Closing VIP Party in New York City.

We’re taking over Diamond Horseshoe and bringing together New York’s digital elite with a complete open bar featuring Heineken’s portfolio of beers, specialty cocktails from Jose Cuervo, wine and bubbly. There will be plenty of music, dancing, food, and surprises!

We’re excited to announce that one of the music performances of the night will be TJ Mizell!

TJ Mizell

TJ Mizell follows in the footsteps of his father, the late Jam Master Jay of “RUN D.M.C.” TJ has harnessed skills passed down to him and mastered his own technique – an eclectic style that is Hip-Hop and EDM influenced. He is an innovative artist fusing his love for fashion, dance music, & Hip-Hop to create a diverse portfolio.

In 2014, TJ became the official touring DJ for rapper “A$AP FERG.” He quickly hit the road and has toured across the world playing some of the hottest venues and festivals the past couple of years alongside Ferg & Marty Baller. Working with many superstars in both the dance and hip-hop industries, TJ has collaborated with other numerous artists, including Mia, Paper Diamond, DJ Scratch, and RUN D.M.C. His mission is to share his musical obsession with the entire world just as his dad did in the 80’s.

If he isn’t scratching or producing, you can find the trendsetting and skating through the streets of NYC and around the globe!