Simply Measured at #SMWNYC: Why Marketers Need to Understand and Own “Dark Social”

You are failing to recognize 50% of the value that social is driving for your organization. The explosion of mobile messaging and private sharing have dramatically increased the impact that dark social has on your digital properties.

In order to succeed in this world, social marketers must be able to measure what traditional web analytics can’t. This session will demystify dark social by clearly defining it and giving you the tools you need to effectively measure it.

Attendees will leave with with the knowledge they need to enlighten their colleagues, demonstrate bigger results from the social team, and earn more organizational resources.

The session, “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark: How To Measure Dark Social” on Friday the 26th at 2:00pm at the SVA Theatre, will begin with a presentation from Brewster Stanislaw (Head of Attribution, Simply Measured) defining dark social and explaining why social marketers need to understand, measure, and own it.

From there, we’ll kick off a candid discussion and take a more in-depth look at dark social, and at the end of the session there will be audience Q&A to discuss how the explosion of mobile and private sharing is a hidden force that is deeply effecting your business.

Attendees will also gain practical, actionable advice on how to measure the value of dark social to paint a bigger picture of your social’s organization’s success.