Social Media Week Returns to New York

We’re back! We are excited to announce that Social Media Week returns to New York February 13-17. New York joins Paris, Rome, London, Washington DC, Miami, Toronto, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo in examining how social media Empowers Change through Collaborative Engagement.

This global theme is our call to action. We want to explore how social media empowers citizens, increases mobility, enables mass collaboration, develops hyperlocalism, maximizes interconnectedness, fosters knowledge creation & sharing, bolsters leadership, and encourages global empathy. During Social Media Week New York, we’ll be tackling this theme in the topics of: Education & Learning, Health & Wellbeing, Energy & Environment, Politics & Government, Media & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Banking & Finance, Transportation & Mobility, Art & Culture and Marketing & Advertising.

Social Media Week relies on the collaborative efforts of each city. That’s where you come in. As we prepare over the coming weeks, we want to hear from you! How do you see social media empowering us in these areas? Share with the city by submitting an event and hosting your own session.

Thanks for helping make Social Media Week New York a success in the past- and we look forward to seeing what we produce together this February.