Second Screen Sports: Engagor At SMW NYC

The only thing better than watching the Winter Olympics while attending Social Media Week is doing it socially and with a second screen. We do most of our entertainment with a second screen, so it makes sense for you to get your dose of Sochi that way.

We’ve partnered with Engagor to highlight a live data feed showing how the Official Sponsors of the Sochi games are stacking up against each other in the race for Social Media Gold. And you can see it at Campus. Stop by the Engagor Pop Up, catch some Curling, practice your Triple Salchow, and spot a trend developing in realtime. Plus, if you checkin, you could win a free six month account.

Did we also mention their team has espresso?

All in all, it’s a win-win. Engagor is the most comprehensive platform for real-time customer engagement. It provides brands and enterprises with a powerful tool to monitor and analyze their social channels in order to efficiently engage with customers. And you can see it for yourself, all with a few perks.