Event Submission FAQ

As we gear up for Social Media Week in February, you may have some questions about the process of submitting an event. Well, we’re here to help! Generally speaking the entire process takes 7-14 days. So, once you have your idea and participants lined up, head over to our Submit an Event form.















Once you’ve filled in the form and hit submit, you’ll be granted access to edit the event in our event management system. And our team will be notified. We review every event submission for uniqueness, quality, and being germane to our mission. We strive hard to bring the highest quality events to attendees, so these three elements are crucial. If an event doesn’t fulfill one of these aspects, we’ll go back to the organizer(s) with some suggestions.

The most common reasons events may not be approved are the event is self-promotional in nature, does not relate to the core mission of Social Media Week, or does not bring a new aspect or deeper understanding of the topic. So, we encourage organizers to look more at topics over products; a range of service over a specific company. And ensure your event has some core component related to social, digital and/or mobile technology and media. Our theme for the 2012 conference is Empowering Change through Collaboration. As part of this, we will be focusing on how this theme plays into various industries with the following Content Hubs:

  1. Advertising & Marketing
  2. Business & Commerce
  3. Social & Environmental Change
  4. Music, Media & Entertainment
  5. Art & Culture
  6. Global Society
  7. Technology & Innovation

Other things to keep in mind are event space and event format. While this entire process moves along in under 2 weeks, it can take longer if your event is requested to take place in one of our Content Hubs. This extra time is required to coordinate with other events in the Hub space. You always have the option of hosting your own event during Social Media Week. And for event format, we like to go outside the box of traditional panel sessions. The more creative you get, the more you catch our attention. And of course, if you have any questions or if we can help along the way, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can’t wait to see Social Media Week New York!