Gigs On The Go: The Rise Of The Mobile Workforce

Today’s workplace is just as easily your futon, or a line at Starbucks, as it is a midtown office. Freelancing, Gigs and micro-gigs are gaining in popularity, and people are increasingly buying and completing Gigs on mobile. We rely on mobile applications to help us shop, choose restaurants, transfer money, and even search for potential dates. Why not also use them to find work?

The rise of mobile-only or “mobile-mostly” work is changing playtime to productive time. Instead of a constant distraction, your phone can make you more efficient than ever. Always-on connectivity means customers are expecting 24/7 on-demand availability and the new generation of entrepreneurs are rising to meet the challenge. Our phones give us more freedom and control over how and when we work, while giving clients the access they want, when they want it.

Companies such as Fiverr are empowering people to buy and sell Gigs through mobile apps, so they can have complete control of their services, regardless of location. We already rely on apps to help us shop, choose restaurants, transfer money, find directions, and even look for potential dates. Isn’t it about time we embrace them for delivering digital services and products too?


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