Clear Your Cache

(A Guest Blog by our friends at Breathe Repeat) We aren’t the most tech savvy women, but that didn’t hold us back from building Handstands are a breeze compared to the challenges we faced starting this business. Terms like “coding” and “transferring to the live server” and “staging sites”… I mean, could you give it to us in Sanskrit please?

PHP, J Query, SRS, Cache? We didn’t even know we had a cache until our valiant coder, Bennett, asked us to clear it.

“The cache temporarily stores images, scripts, and other parts of websites while you’re browsing,” Bennett explained patiently. “When I make changes to the code you have to clear your cache, so that you can access the new, improved version of the site instead of getting the older version.”

Hmmm, clearing your cache… With a click of the mouse, we can clear away the old stuff that isn’t serving us and let the new, improved version come forward? We started wondering… if it’s a piece of cake to clear your cache in the virtual world, how do we clear our caches in the real, flesh-and-blood world?

The first step is to “build our new code”. Our mind-body-machinery is much more complex than a computer’s, because we are indeed living, breathing beings with many interrelated systems. So, what is the gateway in? Ahhhhh — through the breath. By using our breath and subtly manipulating the posture of our body, we begin to redirect the blood flow and neural impulses in our body which help to carry our biological code.

For updating your code in a flash, we here at Breathe Repeat are big fans of breathing and twisting! Anyone can do it, regardless of fitness level, it’s detoxifying, and it’s something you can do right in your desk chair. Alright… let’s get started.

The double-helix, clear your cache twist maneuver:

  • First things first, sit up so that your breath begins to come and go more easily.
  • Place your left foot firmly on the floor, turned a few degrees to the right.
  • Cross your right leg over your left, and allow your legs to fall to the right naturally – it won’t be much. This will begin to take your hips and torso to the right as well – like you are a winding strand of DNA being built from the ground up. Go with it!
  •  Now place your left hand on your knee and your right hand on the side or back of your chair. Notice if the breath is still coming and going easily – this is as important as keeping the power of your computer turned on.
  • The spine will have the greatest opportunity to twist if you start from the base. So let your pelvis turn, then swivel your low back, then start to engage the arms to wind the upper torso around and up. Still breathing easy?
  •  Now, you’re going to have to look away for a moment, but before you go, here are some tips: Allow the head and neck to follow the twist of the torso rather than lead it. You can even turn your eyes to gaze in the same direction as the twist. Stay as long as the breath remains easy or until your body naturally unwinds back to neutral.
  •  Don’t forget the other side… take your time… we’re in no hurry. Perhaps it’s this last part, this turning of the head for a minute to look away from your computer and gaining a new perspective that helps us wipe the slate clean.

Presto! Consider your cache cleared!


The Three Minute Reboot

(A guest blog by our friends at Breathe Repeat)

You’ve been working your ass off, and now you’re heading into Social Media Week. It doesn’t look like you’ll be getting R and R anytime soon. Instead of heading out to Jack’s for your fourth latte of the day, why not try a little yoga instead? Don’t worry. We’re not talking about schlepping to a yoga studio and taking an hour-and-a-half class that will leave you sweaty and in desperate need of a shower. This is something that only takes three minutes, and can be done in the privacy of your own cubicle. It won’t hurt a bit. We promise.

First things first.

Uncross your legs and put your feet on the floor. Feels weird, right? Sit up a little taller. You know, like you’re proud of the work you’ve accomplished today. Take an easy breath. We here at Breathe Repeat never advocate taking “deep breaths” – no need to be an overachiever when it comes to breathing. You do enough overachieving in your morning meeting, spin class and in your efforts to take on the world. For the next few minutes, just let your belly be soft – don’t tighten it or try to suck it in – just let it be fluid and allow the breath to just come in. Then let it go. Feels good, right? Do it again. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Repeat.

Now it’s time to move your body! Place your left arm next to your desk and lean into it. Reach your right arm up in the air and as you press into your left arm, bend up and over to the left, stretching out the right side of your body. Press into your feet. Play around with it a little bit. Lean forward, lean back. Make more space for an easy breath. There is no right or wrong way! If you’re breathing mindfully, you’re doing yoga. It’s that simple!

Switch sides. Now your right arm is next to your desk and your leaning into it. Lift your left arm up and arc over to the right. Press into your feet. Inhale lean back a little. Exhale lean forward. Explore.

Notice a difference? Thought so.

Sometimes when everything goes haywire with your computer, you need to reboot, right? Consider this your own personal reset button. Sometimes you need to shut down your newsfeed for a minute, ground your feet on the floor, make some space in your body and breathe easy before revving up again.

Now, at the very least, no matter what else happens during the day, you’ll know you’ve done something for you. This will give you a great deal more patience when your computer freezes, your hotspot doesn’t work, your Friday meeting gets pushed back an hour, or no one likes your recent status update on Facebook.

You can do it.

Breathe Repeat


Guest Post: A Closer Look at The Health & Wellness Hub

This is a guest post from Sharon Mandler, Sr. Digital Startegist at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness.  You can follow her on twitter @sharonmandler  or @Saatchiwellness.

We’re at a tipping point for the health and wellness industry. We’re about to see a massive change where more and more people are seizing their health and wellness. They’re becoming aware of their own health data and what that means, taking charge of their health records, and moving from info seekers to seekers and advisors.

There’s a proliferation of what we call “peer to peer healthcare” where people are reaching out to others just like them to ask questions about conditions and treatments; and people just like them are answering and sharing their experiences.  We see a growing amount of interaction in patient communities, in forum discussions about prescription drugs and in online conversations about cosmeceuticals.

This is a movement of compassion.

Ultimately this is a very good thing. We know that by sharing and passing on information we’re accelerating the pace at which truths and innovations come to light. This means that through social technologies, we’re helping one another live better, healthier lives. It also means that the role of brands and brand marketing in this category is changing.

At Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, we work with our clients to help them understand and own their roles in this exciting new world of health and wellness. Our goal as an agency is to motivate and educate people to improve their total well-being.  To us, working with Social Media Week and Luminary Labs to host the first Health & Wellness hub is the natural next step to extend the conversations that will help us all live better lives.

We invite you to join us at the Health & Wellness hub to explore and collaborate, crowdsource and engage.

We’ll kick things off on Monday with a fireside chat about The Creative Social Revolution in health and wellness between Helayne Spivak, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness’s Chief Creative Officer, and Mashable’s Chief Operating Officer, Sharon Feder. On Tuesday, join us for a keynote from Frank Moss about MIT’s 2012 Health and Wellness Innovation Hackathon; later in the week we’ll crowdsource guidelines for the FDA in social media and conduct a group experiment on willpower.

Until then, be well.





Some Health & Wellness Favorites

We know. There are a lot of events taking place next week and the very act of perusing the schedule can be, at times, overwhelming.  So we wanted to lend a hand and highlight a few of our favorite events taking place at the Health & Wellness Hub!

You’re welcome.
Click HERE to see all of the events taking place at the Health & Wellness Hub all next week! 

Monday February 13th from 10-12pm: Keynote: Carol McCall on Big Data and the Eye of the Beholder

Tuesday February 14th from 9-10am: Keynote: Frank Moss on The 2012 MIT Health and Wellness Innovation Hackathon

Tuesday February 14th from 10-10:45am:Keynote: J.C. Herz on Unpacking the Quantified Self followed by Panel: The Sensor Continuum

Tuesday February 14th from 3-4pm: This game will make you healthier

Wednesday February 15th from 10-10:45am: How We Did It: The Sanofi Open Innovation Challenge

Thursday February 16th from 9-10am: Keynote: Jay Walker, Chairman and Curator of TEDMED

Thursday February 17th from 10-11am: Investors in the Hot Seat: Leading Health Investors Pitch To StartUps 

Thursday February 16th from 1-2pm: Fixing Health From the Outside In

Thursday February 16th from 3-6pm: Alternative Funding for Healthcare Innovation followed by Crossing the Chasm: Healthcare Innovation Matchmaking Session

Thursday February 16th from 6:30-8: Networking Reception with Sanofi

Friday February 17th from 1-2pm: Keynote: Daniel Kraft, MD, Executive Director, FutureMed

And here are some great events focused on Patient Advocacy: 

Monday February 13th from 1-2pm: Fast Forward Health presents 73 Cents followed by Q&A with Regina Holliday 

Monday February 13th from 2:30-3:30pm: Power to the Patient

Tuesday February 14th from 1-2pm: Fireside Chat: The Rise of the Patient Platform 

Tuesday February 15th from 5:30-6:30 pm: Women, Money & Social Power: What Made The Komen Debacle A Win For Women 

Tuesday February 15th from 5-6pm: Keynote: Dr. Pam Peeke on Rx for the Sitting Disease – Medicate with Movement 

Wednesday February 15th from 1-2pm: Keynote: Michael Roizen, M.D. Chair, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and Chief Wellness Officer, The Cleveland Clinic 

Wednesday February 15th from 4:30-6pm: Let’s Crowdsource! FDA Social Media Guidelines + Sunshine Act Comments 

Wednesday February 15th from 8-10pm: FastForward Health Presents: Stories of Global Health Innovation Film Screenings
Wednesday February 15th from 8-10pm: FastForward Health Presents: Stories of Global Health Innovation Film Screenings