8 Speakers Leading Discussions on Publishing and Content Creation at #SMWNYC

Everything we read, watch, and listen to online starts as an idea, and ends up as content. Some content performs better than others, but it seems like anyone and everyone is trying to throw their hat into the content and publishing ring.

At SMW New York, some of the leading publishers and content creators will join us to share their knowledge, learning, and experience with attendees. Click here to register your pass for SMW New York, and gain access to events and speakers that will dive deep into the current and future state of online content and digital publishing.

1. Stephanie Losee (Executive Director, Brand Content, Politico)

Tuesday, Feb. 23 • 2:30PM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
When it comes to brands creating engaging content, the stakes have never been higher. The growth in programmatic and in ad blockers means that content needs to be at Hollywood-scale and cost half the price, which forces brands, agencies and publishers to prove that the level of investment in content is worth it. Along with Stephanie, hear from Brian Becker (Executive Director, Head of Newsroom, JPMorgan Chase), Shareen Pathak (Brands Editor, Digiday), and Jinal Shah (Digital Strategy Director, JWT New York).

2. Joyann King (Editor, HarpersBazaar.com)

Tuesday, Feb. 23 • 3:30PM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
Joyann will speak on this panel to explore how large scale increases in social followings are achieved, and compare the effectiveness of two differing social strategies: the use of performance metrics and audience data to inform social content, and following gut instinct to create posts that resonate with audiences. Kate Lewis (VP, Content Operations & Editorial Director, Hearst Digital), will moderate this session.

3. Summer Anne Burton (Editorial Director, Distributed, BuzzFeed)

Wednesday, Feb. 24 • 11:00AM • SVA Theatre (EDU Stage)
In this interactive presentation, BuzzFeed social experts Rachel Christensen and Summer Anne Burton will discuss how they helped successfully build the largest social networks in media by rethinking the way the industry sees social media editors, content, and distribution. They’ll cover how BuzzFeed stuck to scrappy and unconventional ways of thinking, and how they used data to inform their strategies.

4. Chris Berend (Vice President for Video Development, CNN)

Thursday, Feb. 25 • 9:00AM • SVA Theatre (EDU Stage)
Learn how to build a content strategy that’s informed by data from your social media properties. Plus, find out secrets to harness that data for audience targeting, distribution and more. Berend brings a wealth of experience to Great Big Story, a socially-distributed video network that covers real stories, where he oversees strategy and day-to-day operations from editorial to product and audience development.

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5. Emily Bazelon (Staff Writer, The New York Times Magazine)

Thursday, Feb. 25 • 11:30AM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
In 2008, the political news cycle moved to the blogs, and in 2012 it spilled into social media but remained mostly intact as an insular conversation among journalists and opinion-shapers. In 2016, it’s being disrupted by candidates, trolls, and everyone in between. Hear from Emily Bazelon as she joins this session hosted by Blue State Digital. Also on this session is Garance Franke-Ruta (Editor in Chief, Yahoo Politics, Yahoo News).

6. Neal Mann (Editor, The Wall Street Journal)

Thursday, Feb. 25 • 4:30PM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
Will data be the new Editor-in-Chief? With the rise of machine learning and the availability of data, both publishers and platforms rely on algorithms, analytics and data modeling to personalize content to no end. A reader’s interaction with content becomes part of an optimization equation, based on preferences, actions taken online and the communities they belong to. Is this a good thing? Does journalism suffer without a human touch? Neal Mann will answer these questions and more during this session.

7. Philippe von Borries (Co-Founder and Co-CEO , Refinery29)

Friday, Feb. 26 • 9:30AM • TimesCenter (FWD Stage)
Through the rise of social networks and smartphones, the millennial ideology has transformed communication, making instantaneous, raw, and constant contact the norm. Philippe von Borries, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of lifestyle media company Refinery29, will discuss the advantages and challenges that this new landscape presents using concrete examples of how Refinery29 is capitalizing on this moment through its recent global expansion.

8. Eric Alt (Editor of CoCreate, Fast Company)

Friday, Feb. 26 • 1:00PM • SVA Theatre (EDU Stage)
Eric Alt will participate in a session to discuss why designers, writers, photographers and video producers need to think about execution and ideas informed by data on how to better speak to our audiences. Content creators are reducing subjectivity in favor of new ways of working by bringing creative, strategy, account and paid media teams closer than ever, all through insights and numbers.

Stay Class-y! Industry Experts Lead Over 30 Masterclasses At #SMWNYC

A huge part of SMW NYC is letting you get your hands dirty learning the latest tips, tricks and industry secrets to social media success. We’ve recruited some of the world’s top talent to do that and today we’re announcing the full list of SMW NYC Master Classes that you’ll be able to sink your teeth into!

The master classes offer lots to learn about  – whether you’re a beginner or experienced social media pro. Each class will have approximately an hour of presentation and demonstration from a long list of industry figures, as well as Q&A time – so make sure you’re prepared to follow along with the host and ask as many questions as you can!

Below is a little about what you can expect from each of the classes. For the full SMW NYC schedule click here.

The platforms you know and love

Each of the major global social media platforms will be hosting their own individual master class to teach you how to get more out of the content, communities and conversations you’re starting through their platforms.

Mashable’s Jeff Petriello will give you tips for Storytelling With Vine, and for creating short form video that people remember. ICED Media’s Greg Littley will demonstrate the essentials for Maximizing Your Snapchat, and help you get the most out of the most popular in-the-moment social sharing platform among millennials.  Vimeo’s Mike Weissman and Andrea Allen will also teach you how to Make Your Videos Better and reach global audiences using their creator toolsets.

Top social talent

As well as tips and tricks from the companies that make social media possible, SMW NYC includes a variety of sessions from the people who are using them best and often making their living doing it.

Hootsuite’s VP Community & Customer Experience, Jeanette Gibson, and Dr. William Ward, Director, Education Strategy will share best practices and real-world examples of how a strong community of fans and followers can become a powerful tool in activating others to get involved and Fall In Love With Your Brand. From tapping into “FOMO,” to understanding teen etiquette on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, Code & Theory will give a Crash Course On The New Millennial Consumer and show you how to integrate millennial insights into their marketing plans.

Industry greats

SMW NYC also has some of be best digital minds, working at top agencies and organizations, that are creating best in class social media experiences for companies and consumers. The line up of industry greats hosting master classes combines decades of insights and experiences  to give you powerful and practical takeaways from the events.

Mattan Giffel, Founder and CEO of One Month, will share best practices on Growth Hacking Quick Wins, presenting tactical, practical skills and strategies to significantly increase your customer base.  Trina Albus, Founder of Magenta Agency, will help you Learn How To Pay Like A Pro. In this class, you’ll earn how to select the best platform for your brand and how to optimize campaign performance across the top social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ advertising.


We could rave on for ages about all the great classes and speakers happening at SMW NYC, but we’ll let you browse the rest yourself. All the ones that haven’t been mentioned here are just as amazing, and you can find the full line-up here.