GIFs are the Gifts That Keep on Giving: Hear from Giphy’s COO at #SMWNYC

GIFs (yes, it’s a hard “G” sound) are the new soundbites, quick one liners, exclamation points, reactions and punch-lines all rolled into one endless loop. It has become a new language for creators, artists, marketers and audiences everywhere. It’s the newest of mediums and has firmly taken root in the lexicon of modern communication.

Marketers have been quick to embrace the GIF and in recent weeks and months we have seen some exceptional examples of how this new medium can be harnessed to engage fans, customers and audiences in stunningly new and interesting ways.

Register for SMW New York today, get ready to hear from Giphy, the world’s first and largest search engine for GIFs allows people across the world to access their visual and cultural search engine that makes texting and communicating online more fun than ever before.

Giphy’s COO, Adam Leibsohn will join us for a chat with Toby Daniels, Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week on Friday, February 26 at 10:00AM at the SVA Theatre (EDU Stage). They’ll chart the meteoric rise of the GIF, and how advertising is shaped around this new storytelling format.