Event Spotlight: Expanding the View: Promoting LGBT Human Rights Through Arts Activism and Social Media

This event spolight is brought to you by Marcia G. Yerman, co-founder of cultureID and blogger for The Huffington Post. You can follow here tweets here.

The power of social media to expand our view of global cultural issues emphasizes the interconnectivity of our communities and our lives. It offers the opportunity to inform and be informed and creates a more intimate global community through shared experiences.

Intersections International and cultureID will co-present “Expanding the View: Promoting LGBT Human Rights Through Arts Activism and Social Media.” Panel participants will discuss how creative communication advances and amplifies the call for LGBT equality in the United States and globally. A Q & A forum with the audience will be part of the presentation. Questions can be submitted before and during the event via Twitter to @IntersectionsNY or @cultureID with the hashtag #smwexpand.

Topics will include:

  • The use of social media in tandem with online exhibits, e-zines. and video to disseminate creative work addressing social justice issues.
  • Issues concerning ideology / iconography and ownership in the age of digital reproduction and dessimination.
  • An examination of the Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture exhibit in Washington, D.C. where the video “A Fire in My Belly” by David Wojnarowicz (created in 1987 in response to the AIDS epidemic) was pulled by Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough. With social media, how has push back changed from the 1980s when the NEA was under attack?


  • Macky Alston, Documentary filmmaker and former Director of Auburn Media

This event is being held on Tuesday, February 8th from 7-9 PM. You can register here.