SMWNYC Guide to Valentine’s Day

Tuesday. The big day. Some call it a day of love; some can’t wait for it to be over. But it’s a day we talk about love, likes, trust, sex, and feeling connected- mostly by women but always by passionate people. And we’re happy you’re spending Valentine’s Day with us. To make it a sweeter date for you, we’re compiling some of our picks for the day that involve all those aspects and are still open for you to register.

9am at Fenton: NGOs, Causes and the Original Interest Graphs – Interactive Panel Discussion
10am at Hearst: Digital Voyeurism: How Sharing Real Homes in Real Time is Changing the Way We Decorate
10am at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness: Keynote: J.C. Herz on Unpacking the Quantified Self followed by Panel: The Sensor Continuum
12pm at Reuters: Keynote: Rachel Lloyd, Executive Director & Founder of Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS)
1pm at Big Fuel: Social Love: The Future of Social Media and Relationships
2pm at Thomson Reuters: The Internet and Power: Sopa, Twitter Censorship and Who We Can Trust To Protect Us
4pm at Microsoft: More than “Likes” Can Say
4:30pm at Thomson Reuters: Supercharging Your Love for Facebook Marketing
5:30pm at NYIT: She Shall Lead: Helping Women Take a Leadership Role in Social Media
5:30pm at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness: Women, Money & Social Power: What Made The Komen Debacle A Win For Women
6pm at SVA West Side Gallery: Chocolate Tasting Networking Party for NYC’s Social Good Community
6pm at JWT: Deep Focus Presents: An Evening of “Connectedness”

Let us be your valentine, and enjoy the myriad events on relationships- the professional and personal-, marketing and social good.