Mobile Photography Masterclass at #SMWNYC: Using PicsArt To Create and Share Beautiful Imagery

Explore the creative power that lives inside your mobile device. Using PicsArt, a photo editing app and global social network for 65 million creatives, you’ll learn in this interactive, hands-on masterclass how to easily create complex-looking edits (double exposure, drawing on photos, cloning) in a matter of minutes.

You’ll turn your personal pics into works of art or even create images that you can use in your job. This session, “Mobile Photography Masterclass: Using PicsArt To Create & Share Beautiful Imagery” will “WOW” you with easy interactive tutorials and a peek into the future of collaborative art with PicsArt’s #FreeToEdit images.

Carter Gibson (Senior Community Manager, PicsArt) will lead the session on Thursday the 25th at 2:00pm at the SVA Theatre, and if you want to get a head start with PicsArt, you can learn more about the app and join their global creative community by clicking here!

Also, if you want to hear from the Chief Business Development Officer of PicsArt, Wilson Kriegel, you can attend the session he’s speaking on titled, “Creativity Is More Than A Filter Away: How Mobile Tools Are Fueling A New Kind Of Artistic Expression” on Friday the 26th at 10:00am at the SVA Theatre.