Can Your Office Design Make You a Better Worker

At home, most of us understand how much space impacts our lives, spending large amounts of time and money choosing the perfect furniture and color palate. However, we often forget the ways that our physical surroundings at work affect our productivity and sense of well-being. In addition to affecting our mood, our office spaces can dictate how much serendipitous interaction occurs throughout the day and affect worker perceptions of leadership.

Many offices are expanding or planning to expand in the next few years, making office design a topic that leaders will want to understand fully. People are leaning more and more towards open floor plans, making private offices as a thing of the past. This increases trust in executive level leadership and reduces barriers to access that leadership. Additionally, by opting for more open layouts, employees have more and more unplanned interaction throughout the day opening doors for creativity and collaboration

As important as the floor plan is,¬†another important factor for the office environment is color. Few things are more soul crushing than spending 40-plus hours per week in a drab brown/ grey office with bad fluorescent lighting. Adding bright colors can increase workers’ moods and well being. Green and blue are calming colors; good for the busy and fast-paced office. Red has been shown to boost performance in detail-oriented tasks. Yellow and orange are great colors for the break room, with their cheery and energetic effect.

Poppin is a start-up that strongly believes in bringing color into the work place. Their motto is “Work Happy,” and they believe that people should be surrounded by beauty wherever they are. Not just another office supply company, Poppin considers itself a company that sells workstyle products.¬†They carry an assortment of typical office products, like desks, staplers and folders, but in atypical, happy colors.

And this SMW NYC, they want you to share what your happy color is. You’ll get to see more of what their products look like, vote on your favorite happy color, and then strike a pose in their photo booth. So, grab your pass and help us see what color makes New Yorkers the happiest.