Event Spotlight: WikiLeaks and Online Civil Disobedience

This blog post is a contribution from Daniel Teweles, the VP of Business Development and Marketing for Personal Democracy Forum (@pdfteam). You can follow him via @dteweles and www.danielteweles.com.

Personal Democracy Forum (PdF) has been experimenting with and documenting how politicians and governments are using social media long enough to appreciate having the term “social media” to describe these technologies!

In our role as conveners abroad and domestically (PdF’s annual conference in NYC is the world’s leading conference exploring and analyzing technology’s impact on politics and government), PdF regularly gets to interact with, learn from, and promote social media innovators and applications. In our editorial role on techPresident.com (the web’s leading blog covering the intersection of technology and politics), we regularly analyze, dissect, and explore the implications of the growing role social media plays in affecting change.

And so, with the idea of taking our ever growing and (often) random assortment of community all stars and zeitgeist tapping topics, we’re thrilled to announce our event at Social Media Week NYC 2011: WikiLeaks and Online Civil Disobedience, Hosted by Personal Democracy Forum, hosted at the Art & Culture Hub at Hearst.

On December 3rd, noted cyber-libertarian John Perry Barlow tweeted:

Internet freedom activists using distributed denial of service attacks to shut down websites say they’ve invented a new kind of online civil disobedience. Critics worry that the tactic can backfire, and moreover, that the internet is more an ally of authoritarian regimes than we think.

We are pleased to bring together a ridiculous group of luminaries to provide their assessments of this ever changing status quo, while taking your questions. John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, Evgeny Morozov, author of the new book The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom, and Deanna Zandt author of Share This: How You Will Change the World with Social Networking will all be there. Will you?

Tickets available here.