Funnel competition into creativity

Tag. A coloring contest. Dodgeball. Class rankings. What begins in grade school as a simple mission to earn more points than the opposing team or be the last one standing will eventually permeate your world (whether you want it to or not).


It’s a word that fuels action. Competition for dollars, for time, for attention, for buzz. In business, in life, throughout social media channels and beyond, competition has becomes a ferocious intent, driving strategy and routing corresponding decisions.

Yet those precious moments still exist in which people can set aside this drive and come together for something more. Instead of finding inspiration from one-upping another, an outside mission brings them together. Such as Social Media Week.

The occasion offers an opportunity to unite, create, and discover. It’s a blank slate, an open stage for any and all to command. It is a rare position in which invitations are extended to simply participate. A white canvas waiting for paint.

Those willing to dare to venture into that unknown have the opportunity to develop and create experiences people care about. To build something that unites people in ways previously unconsidered. To start conversations that incorporate audiences, luring them in as participants as opposed to limiting them to outside observers.

This realm of possibility, while knowing few restraints and bounds, can seem paralyzing. To help you get started, think about the person, or groups of people, you’d like to converse with. What would you want to say? If you had one theme to pass out in goodie bags, what would attendees walk away with? This idea should permeate your every action – from the invitations you send to participants to the tweets you write to promote your event. What is the message you are trying to convey?

Don’t be afraid to grab the microphone. There’s no judge, no points to earn, no game to lose.