8 Sessions Exploring The Biggest Social Media Platforms and Emerging Trends

Across the globe, messaging apps are amassing huge audiences, social networks are attracting massive media budgets, and the next Mark Zuckerberg or Evan Spiegel might be sitting in the building right next to you.

The current social media landscape is a beast in itself, with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, Periscope, and a few others that dominate the conversation. But on the horizon, if not already here, are a combination of messaging platforms and emerging communities that could enter this mix.

WhatsApp, Viber and LINE are increasingly gaining traction as hubs for multimedia content, and other players like Giphy, Anchor, PicsArt, Dubsmash, and even Product Hunt are taking slices of the overall pie.

As organizations start to catch on, several publishers have already begun to pave the way for how to best deliver news and content, and engage with the growing user bases on these apps and platforms.

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1. If you want to learn about the future of communications from a Facebook executive…

The Future of Communications with Michelle Klein, Facebook’s Head of Marketing for North America
Hosted by Facebook • Tuesday 2/23 at 9:30AM • TimesCenter
The shift to mobile has already happened, and it’s radically changing the way businesses and people connect. Michelle Klein, Facebook’s Head of Marketing, North America, will explore the new kinds of tools and groundbreaking innovations completely transforming the way we communicate.

2. If you want to find out which brands are crushing it on Snapchat…

The Best Brands On Snapchat
Hosted by Nasdaq • Tuesday 2/23 at 12:30PM • TimesCenter
Snapchat is the new battleground for the most innovative brands. Meet the marketers behind the ghost that are already killing it on this emerging platform. Join leaders from MTV, VaynerMedia, Nasdaq, American Airlines, and The Wall Street Journal to learn more about the most innovating brands creating lasting experiences (that are more than 24 hours) on Snapchat.

3. If you want an overview of platforms taking over the media industry…

Mediapocalypse! Are Platforms Killing The Business Of Media And Advertising? And Why Won’t Anyone Talk About It?
Hosted by Deep Focus • Tuesday 2/23 at 2:30PM • TimesCenter
Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter are up-ending the media business. But will that end up killing it in the process? Publishers and advertisers, content producers and creators, advertisers and agencies are all dealing with the repercussions of distributed media models. Join Ian Schafer (Founder and Chairman, Deep Focus), Ricky Van Veen (Co-Founder and Executive, College Humor and IAC), and Lisa Weinstein (CEO, Engine Media Group) as they explore the end of times.

4. If you want to hear Mashable’s predictions on the future of multi-media messaging…

The New World of Social: How Publishers Are Using Messaging Platforms to Engage with Audiences
Hosted by Mashable • Tuesday 2/23 at 5:30PM • TimesCenter
Across the globe, messaging apps are amassing huge audiences. Though initially made popular as an alternative to SMS, chat apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber and LINE are increasingly gaining traction as hubs for multimedia content. In this session, you’ll hear directly from the strategists and producers at Mashable on how publishers are approaching these emerging digital platforms.

5. If you want to explore BuzzFeed’s lessons on creating cross-platform content…

Building A Great Social Presence The Resourceful Way
Hosted by BuzzFeed • Wednesday 2/24 at 11:00AM • SVA Theatre
In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn how BuzzFeed used careful targeting and precise forms of social media storytelling to build BuzzFeed into what it is today. Social experts Rachel Christensen and Summer Anne Burton will discuss the scrappy and unconventional ways of thinking about content to create sharable, memorable experiences without a sizable budget.

6. If you want to learn how to develop a Snapchat marketing plan…

Snapchat: How Brands Can Effectively Market On The Platform
Hosted by VaynerMedia • Wednesday 2/24 at 12:00PM • SVA Theatre
There’s no doubt Snapchat is the hottest social media platform in 2016. In this masterclass, you’ll learn the strategies behind the brands finding success with Snapchat marketing, and how to think about this new platform in the context of your brand. Speakers of this session include Dan Grossman (VP of Platform Partnerships, VaynerMedia), Farrah Bezner (Head of New Business Ventures, Mondelēz International), and Talya Minsberg (Social Media Editor, The New York Times).

7. If you want to learn about social media automation by building your own Twitter bot…

Twitter Bots And The Automation Of Everything
Hosted by Code and Theory • Thursday 2/25 at 11:00AM • SVA Theatre
In this session, you’ll get a hands-on, step-by-step explanation of how to build a Twitter bot, and why algorithms on major social platforms are maturing to become more relevant and meaningful to digital professionals. Nick Macri (Associate Director of Analytics, Code and Theory) will lead a conversation around automation in social media, and how you can use it everyday on a variety of platforms and networks.

8. If you want to have an intimate dialogue with social media leaders…

The Future Of Emerging Platforms: An Interactive Shorty Awards Trivia Game
Hosted by The Shorty Awards • Friday 2/26 at 4:00PM • SVA Theatre
Join digital media executives from leading organizations on social to discuss in an interactive format what captivates, engages and moves audiences, and then put your noggin to the test with game show trivia questions on emerging social and digital media platforms, and the new ways that brands are publishing content and growing their community at scale. Hear from Reelio, BuzzFeed, About.com, Bravo & Oxygen and other individuals from innovative brands.

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