Crowdsourcing: Be an Artist at Prodigy Networks’ Unplugged Playground

Prodigy Network is known for its emphasis on the power of the crowd and crowdsourcing. The crowd can make decisions about where to spend their money, the crowd can pool money together to create increase visibility and access to real estate development; and the crowd will be responsible for the world’s first Cotel, 17 John.

Unplugged_Playground_Artwork.psdThis Cotel in New York’s Financial District will be specifically designed for today’s business travelers, with spaces to connect with other guests, places to work and places for downtime. In addition to hosting an event, Prodigy Network will be joining us with an installation on our ground floor that takes collaboration back to its roots. The resulting piece will be incorporated into the design of 17 John.

When you first enter the “Unplugged Playground,” you will find yourself surrounded by white walls. These walls are your canvas to be creative by writing a message or drawing a picture. This exhibit not only let us live out our childhood fantasy of drawing on the walls but also lets us collaborate with others in a tangible, real-time way. After creating a masterpiece in the unplugged playground, feel free to plug back in to share your creation using the hashtag #MyCotel.

To put your artistic mark on 17 John, register now for Social Media Week. Also check out our schedule to see Prodigy Network’s event about the power of the crowd, along with many other incredible masterclasses and panels. The countdown is on!