Collaboration, Humanity, & Design: All Coming Together At SMW NYC With MKG

We recently shared a glimpse at what Campus will look like. We know you’ll love the thought that was put into all the small details. From ensuring you can take a call at anytime during the week at Campus to trying to bring a collaborative, human feel to it all, our team worked with MKG to develop something unique.

Design is one of those things that when done right, you might never notice it. But poor design can ruin your entire experience. That’s where our partner’s MKG come in. So, we asked them to share a bit more about their vision.

  1. How does MKG approach partnerships and events?
    MKG’s approach on all events is to be creative, strategic, collaborative, and human. We also want to make it fun, different, and engaging for everyone who touches the project, from partner to consumer.

    Another part of producing an event like Social Media Week is integration, taking ideas from all partners and streamlining them into a concept that expresses everything we are all trying to communicate through experience, design, production, and of course, digital and social. Being able to bring our expertise to this event and fusing it together with a vision we share with Crowdcentric’s of bringing together technology and humanity, all under the umbrella of the ‘Future of Now’, makes this the perfect partnership for MKG.

  2. Why design matters in events?
    MKG’s philosophy is there is never a time when design doesn’t matter! Design is a powerful way to create that impactful first impression and also an integral part of making events immersive and inspiring. It’s important to think about your audience as events are experienced in a very human way, so we create spaces that allows human connection to happen without restriction. Design is how we can silently craft the experience we’d like attendees to have, while simultaneously communicating fun, intelligence and creativity.

    As is the way we approach most things, we believe design is about style and substance. People always say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that the way a space is designed is going to be the first thing attendees notice – it’s the way we gain their attention and draw them into the space, and then educate and engage them.

  3. What is the design structure and vision for SMW NYC’s new Campus?
    The design structure for SMW’s NYC Campus is about function and personality. Each design element is intended to highlight the idea that this conference is not your average, suit-and-tie conference; this one is on the pulse with humanity. It’s modern; it’s cheeky; and it knows that no one want to re-live the hotel ballroom conference experience.

    The aesthetic theme is based in raw materials with pops of color to send a visual message of a laid back vibe with a fun personality.

    We wanted the space to represent this year’s theme of always being connected. Spatially, we created an open layout that promotes conversation and human connections, while functionally providing a seamless flow of activity.

    We also wanted this to be a completely immersive experience. One playful way we brought this to the physical space was by deconstructing the SMW NYC branding and then reconstructing those elements 3-dimensionally throughout the space with furniture and scenic pieces all inspired by the logo and branding.

    With so many amazing brand partners and sponsors under one roof, we wanted to make sure that everyone was able to bring their unique personality to their footprint, while also avoiding the messy cluttered look so often found at trade shows or conferences. We came up with a cohesive design plan that allowed us to work with each brand to customize certain elements of their space while remaining part of the overall SMWNYC identity.

With this design approach, you’ll understand why we can’t wait to unveil Campus to you this week! Get a glimpse here, then if you haven’t already, grab your pass. See you soon!