Custom Content: How Publishers And Instagrammers Are Leading Campaigns for Brands

Publishers are no longer creating branded campaigns solely on their own and having it live only on their platform. It needs to live across all of the publishers social channels, the brands channels, and a new development: making the first outlet be the channel of the creators.

Working with notable Instagrammers, publishers are now retooling native ads and enabling brand storytelling to start on social. This enables new paths to authentically capture people’s attention via the broader media ecosystem, often before the campaign appears in print or online.

On Tuesday February 24, join Melanie Altarescu, head of strategic initiatives at WIRED, to lead this “social first” content discussion and unpack the ideation, pitching, and activations for these campaigns. Joining Melanie will be several instagram “agents” including Patrick Janelle, @aguynamedpatrick.

To learn more about this masterclass-style event and to get your pass, go here.