5 Minutes With Steve Schlafman

Social Media Week Advisor Steve Schlafman is a Principal at Lerer Ventures. He sat down with us to talk Vine, Louis CK and a love for SMW Founder Toby Daniels.

1. What is your or your organization’s greatest success with social media to date?
We converted our static and boring homepage found at LererVentures.com into a dynamic and social rich Rebelmouse page.

2. What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in the emerging technology and/or new media space right now?
I’m a big fan of Vine, the new video product Twitter rolled out. I’m also excited about the internet of things / connected devices.

3. What speaker or event are you most looking forward to at SMW NYC?
I’m really pumped to see Toby Daniels.

4. What prompted you to join Social Media Week’s Advisory Board?
I decided to join Social Media Week Advisory Board because I love Toby’s passion for the community and believe it’s one of the most informative and important tech events in NYC each year.

5. What is the most creative way you’ve seen social media used?
Louis CK selling direct to his fans via his website.

Steve Schlafman is a Principal at Lerer Ventures. Steve was previously VP of Business Development at Stickybits Inc. / Turntable.fm and Director of Venture Investments at The Kraft Group, a diversified holding company focused on sports & entertainment, paper & packaging, real estate development, and private equity. Prior to The Kraft Group, Steve worked at Massive Inc. and Microsoft in a variety of Business Development, Strategy and Corporate Finance roles. Steve graduated with highest honors from Northeastern University and you can follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/schlaf.