Dan Harmon of “Community” Will Join NBCUniversal’s Evan Shapiro at #SMWNYC to Discuss Comedy and The Cultural Zeitgeist

The world is at an inflection point, similar to broadcast television’s boom in the 70s and 80s. Today, this boom is evident in content production across various platforms. How is this booming genre affecting the cultural zeitgeist? Does comedy flourish when reality is dark?

Join NBCUniversal’s EVP of Digital Enterprises, Evan Shapiro, as he reveals the strategic approach to the current media landscape with Seeso, NBCUniversal’s new steaming comedy channel. Joining him on stage will be Dan Harmon, Creator and Executive Producer of “Community”, “Rick and Morty” and “HarmonQuest.”

On Tuesday, February 23 at 1:30pm, the digital and entertainment duo will present their keynote, “Comedy: A Love Story with Evan Shapiro and Dan Harmon” at SMW New York.

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About Evan Shapiro

“Evan Shapiro is EVP, Digital Enterprises at NBCUniversal. He works on the strategic development of digital opportunities to reach emerging audiences, including alternative platforms and direct to consumer distribution models.

Shapiro joined NBCUniversal in 2014, and previously was President of Participant Media’s Pivot, which launched in 2013, and grew to reach 44+ million subscribers under Shapiro’s lead. Prior to Pivot, Shapiro served as President of IFC TV and Sundance Channel, where he steered both networks to new business and programming models that garnered each network their first Primetime Emmy nominations, as well as a Golden Globe Award win for Sundance Channel.

He has also executive produced numerous acclaimed original documentaries and series, including This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Brick City, HitRecord On TV, and the hit series Portlandia.” (via Variety)

About Dan Harmon

“Dan Harmon is best known for creating and producing NBC comedy series Community, co-creating Adult Swim’s animated television series Rick and Morty, and co-founding the alternative television network/website Channel 101. He also hosts a weekly eponymous podcast, Harmontown.

In July 2009, Harmon was nominated in two Emmy categories for his part in writing the Oscar telecast: Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Special and Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, the latter of which he was awarded for “Hugh Jackman Opening Number” at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards.” (via Wikipedia)

View The Initial Program Of Events for SMW New York

Social Media Week New York, now in it’s 8th year, brings together thousands of professionals in marketing, media and technology. We’re excited to announce the initial schedule and speaker lineup for SMW New York, which takes place this February 22-26.

Join us across our two official venues, and hear from organizations such as Ogilvy, Starcom MediaVest, MRY, Forbes, Mashable, MTV, The Economist, GE, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Spotify and many more!

Register for SMW New York

If you’d like to hear from these speakers, and join the thousands of attendees that come to Social Media Week in New York each year, register today by purchasing your pass. You can also save 20% until January 14th!

Image Credit: The LA Times

Your First Look: The Initial Official SMW NYC Schedule

SMW NYC is just around the corner, and we want to give you the first look at what’s to come! Today we unveil our initial Official Schedule.

We told you Cindy was blowing shit up this year, and we weren’t lying. Leading a special series on Changing the World through Sex, she will explore what the marketing and advertising industry is missing by not acknowledging, targeting and leveraging consumer behavior around sex and porn, from pioneering brands who are. And she’s just the beginning.

SMW14 will also feature social media heads from MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central highlighting how social media is ushering in new rules for developing fan bases and keeping them engaged. The Dachis Group and socialdeviant will gaze into the future to explore what our daily lives will look like in 2020, where wearable tech is heading, and what we can expect from dating.

And staying on the trend of the future, Joe Marchese leads a look at where advertising is heading and how we can break the cycle of greed and manipulation in it.

We’ll also explore how millennials are shaping it all, from the discovery of new talent (eg, Vine stars) to the creation of content expressly designed to be shared (eg, listicles).

See our full preview here, grab your pass, and start saving your Favorites.

SMW 101: The Full SMW NYC Experience

Today is the day. Registration is open. Conversations are starting. Excitement is building! If this is your first Social Media Week, however, you probably have a few questions. No problem. We’re here to break it down for you:

What is it? Social Media Week is a global event that explores how technology is shaping our lives, and how social media is impacting society, culture and economies around the world. And you’re just in time for our next series of activities — happening, simultaneously, in 10 cities around the globe — February 18th through 22nd.

Interested? You can attend SMWNYC in person or join via our SMW Livestream – which you can also access from your phone when you download our Social Media Week app. To participate:

1. Create an account or Log-in

2. Register for Events

• Visit the Schedule page and identify the events you would like to attend

• Click “Attend” (Note: A small number of our event partners choose to use 3rd-party technologies to process registration. If this is the case, the event page will clearly provide instructions on how to access the 3rd-party event registration page)

• Verify your registration by going to your profile and selecting “My Schedule

• For those joining virtually, events eligible for streaming can be identified by a camera icon on the schedule. The corresponding livestream link will be updated as soon as we have it.

• We will continue to add events through February, so keep checking back!

3. Purchase a Pass
(Though most SMW events are free, we’re shaking things up this year by introducing our first Global HQ and a number of passes that will provide a more exclusive experience. Note: if you would like to attend events at the Global HQ a pass is required.)

Insider Pass: Full access to ALL Hubs, Global HQ, VIP Opening & Closing Parties, guide & special offers. No pre-registrations needed. No walkups.

Global HQ Pass: Full access to events, classes, lounges and more at our new Global HQ (pass required), plus special offers.

Hub Pass: Unlimited access at this Hub, plus special offers. No walkups.

4. Volunteer:
Interested in a more immersive experience? Volunteer! SMWNYC relies upon volunteers to make SMW a reality. Checking in attendees and providing assistance to speakers and panelists are only a few of the many critical roles that volunteers play. Not sure what to expect, find out what past volunteer Amelia Shroyer had to say.

We’re looking forward to the most rewarding SMW NYC yet. Here’s to you for being a part of it!

#SMW12 One Week from Today: Tuesday Feb 7th

Throughout this week, we’ll be giving you a heads up on everything that’s going on at our content hubs this time next week.  Events are filling up fast so check out what’s going on this time next week and click on the corresponding event link to register!

Art & Culture: 9-11am: Digital Voyeurism: How Sharing Real Homes in Real Time is Changing How We Decorate

Advertising & Marketing: 9-11pm: Talk: Screw Earning Media and Start Earning Value with BBH Labs followed by Panel: Why Engagement Should be Spelled A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N hosted by SocialVibe

Advertising & Marketing: 9-11am: Panel: Why Engagement Should be Spelled A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N hosted by SocialVibe

Art & Culture: 12am-2pm: Keynote: Kevin Slavin, Entrepreneur, Provocateur & Raconteur followed by Panel: Are We in a Post-Consumer Age? How E-Commerce is blurring the Lines between Creator and Consumer, hosted by Shapeaways

Advertising & Marketing: 12am-2pm: Beyond the Like: Using Real People’s Real Stories to Drive Brand Awareness

Art & Culture: 3-5pm: The New Ghostwriter

Art & Culture: 4:30-5:30pm: Social Syndication in 2012: Experiences First, Networks Second

Advertising & Marketing: 3-5pm: Social Media for Social Good

Advertising & Marketing: 6-8pm: Deep Focus Presents: An Evening of “Connectedness”

Business & Innovation: 9-10pm: Keynote: Gabe Zichermann on The Business of Fun: Gamification Will Change Your Organization followed by The Future of Gaming, hosted by PSFK

Business & Innovation: 12am-2pm: Maintaining Authenticity and Transparency: How Financial Advisors Are Using Social Media to Build their Business, Hosted by Actiancen

Business & Innovation: 3-5pm: Getting to the Meat of the Tweet Redux (The Meatier and Tweetier Sequel): Applying Big Data Analytics to Social Media Data, Hosted by Opera Solutions

Global Society: 10-11pm: Global Brand Management: Best Practices in a Social World

Global Society: 12am-12:30pm: Jon’s Fireside Chat: Joseph Jaffe and Social Media 2.0

Global Society: 1-2pm: Social Love: The Future of Social Media and Relationships

Global Society: 4-5pm: Do it for Love AND Money: The Social Media Week Valentine’s Day Guide to Riches

Health & Wellness: 9-10pm: Keynote: Frank Moss on the 2012 MIT Health and Wellness Innovation Hackathon

Health & Wellness: 10-10:45pm: Keynote: J.C. Herz on Unpacking the Quantified Self followed by Panel: The Sensor Continuum

Health & Wellness: 1-2pm: Fireside Chat: The Rise of the Patient Platform

Health & Wellness: 3-4pm: This game will make you healthier

Social & Environmental Change: 9-11:30am: Interview: John Katzman and Jeremy Johnson on The Future of Higher Education: Will Colleges Survive? Followed by Panel: The Classroom of The Future: How Social Media Can Better Our Education system

Social & Environmental Change: 12am-2pm: Keynote: Rachel Lloyd, Executive Director & Founder of Girls Educational & Mentoring Services

Social & Environmental Change:4:30-6:30pm: Supercharging Your Love for Facebook Marketing

Interested in a particular Hub? Click on the following links to browse events according to content area;  Art & Culture,  Advertising & MarketingBusiness & Innovation Global Society , Health & Wellness Social & Environmental Change

You can also view the full #SMW12 Schedule by Clicking HERE. 




#SMW12 One Week from Today: Monday Feb 6th

Welcome to the first of post in our “One Week from Today” pre-Social Media week blog feature!  Throughout this week, we’ll be giving you a heads up on everything that’s going on at our content hubs this time next week.  Events are filling up fast so check out what’s going on this time next week and click on the corresponding event link to register!

Art & Culture: 9-11am:  The Mobile-Social Living Room: How Emerging Media is Reviving the Live Television Experience

Advertising & Marketing: 9-11am: Keynote: David Eastman, CEO of JWT North America, followed by Top Trends that will Shape Social in 2012

Business & Innovation: 9-11am: Keynote: John Bell, Global Managing Director at Ogilvy, on The Insidious Plot to Socalize Enterprise

Global Society: 10-11am: Managing Social Media on a Global Scale

Health & Wellness: 10-12pm: Keynote: Carol McCall, Chief Strategy Officer of GNS Healthcare

Health & Wellness: 10-12pm: Keynote: Michael Graves on People First: Redesigning the Hospital Room

Advertising & Marketing: 12-2pm: Beyond Borders: Impact of Social Media in Global Economy

Business & Innovation: 12-2pm: Keynote: Jeff Dachis, CEO, Chairman & Founder of Dachis Group Followed by Panel: Big Data and Bigger Conversations: Measuring Your Brand’s Social Performance

Global Society: 12-1230pm: Jon’s Fireside Chat: Social Listening with Patricia Gottesman, CEO of Crimson Hexagon

Social & Environmental Change: 12:30-2:30pm: Global Keynote: Don Tapscott, Speaker, Consultant & Author of Macrowikinomics on Re-Civilization: Empowering Change Through Collaboration

Global Society: 1-2pm: Global Social Media Listening

Health & Wellness: 1-2pm: Fast Forward Health presents 73 Cents followed by Q&A with Regina Holliday

Health & Wellness: 2-8pm: The Walking Gallery: An Exhibit

Art & Culture: 3-5pm: Keynote: Jermaine Dupri on Building Community

Advertising & Marketing: 3-5pm: State Your Case: Research vs Social Analytics

Business & Innovation: 3-5pm: Keynote Howard Lindzon followed by Panel: The Evolution of Reg-FD: How Social Media Has Changed Investor Relations, Hosted by StockTwits

Social & Environmental Change: 3:30-5:30pm: Is it Getting Hot in Here? Considering Social Media’s Impact on Climate Change

Global Society: 4-5pm: 10×10 Educate Girls, Change the World. Accelerating social change and leveraging media, technology and innovative strategic partnerships to get there.

Art & Culture: 4:30-5:30pm: Social Sharing and The Art of Doodling

Health & Wellness: 4-6pm: Designing for Desire

Health & Wellness: 6:30-8:00pm: Networking Cocktail Reception, Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

Global Society: 6:30-9:00: Meet the Afropolitans: Digital Media + Culture In Africa

Interested in a particular Hub? Click on the following links to browse events according to content area;  Art & Culture,  Advertising & MarketingBusiness & Innovation Global Society , Health & Wellness Social & Environmental Change

You can also view the full #SMW12 Schedule by Clicking HERE. 





Social Media Week Announces Five Content Hubs in New York, Invites Industry to Help Curate Program

We are now two months out from Social Media Week this February 7-11, and a LOT is going on. Following yesterday’s announcement that Nokia will serve as global headline sponsor of Social Media Week, today we are pleased to announce a new twist to the week for our third weeklong event in New York: five distinct “Content Hubs,” reflecting key areas of focus for conversations on the societal impact of social media.  These five physical hubs will host daily programming and cover these themes: People and Society; Art and Culture; Business, Media, and Communications; Science and Technology; and Music, Sports and Gaming.

With today’s announcement, we are also releasing a very preliminary version of the schedule of events for New York, as well as select sponsors and keynote speakers.  Many events are still TBD and of course there are many more to come, but please take a look to get a sense of some of the exciting things to look forward to in February. The preliminary schedule can be found here:  http://socialmediaweek.org/newyork/schedule.  Registration for these events will open on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.


The locations of four of the Hubs have been confirmed already with Google hosting the Science and Technology Hub; global advertising agency JWT hosting Business, Media, and Communications; The Paley Center for Media hosting People and Society; and Red Bull Space hosting Music, Sports and Gaming.  We hope to announce host Art and Culture Hub within the next week.

JWT Logo

“JWT is heavily involved with Social Media Week on a global level,” said Social Media Week Board Member David Eastman, who is Worldwide Digital Director and North American CEO at JWT.  “The conference has grown in importance and stature, much as the social media space itself has.  By hosting and participating in this essential series of events, we are helping both educate the audience as well as ourselves.”


Continuing the collaborative theme of Social Media Week, the New York organizers are looking to co-curate a significant proportion of the content by soliciting event ideas from some of the city’s leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of social and mobile media.

Stephanie Agresta, Social Media Week board member and EVP and Managing Director of Social Media for Weber Shandwick said, “Social Media Week is leading the charge to globally scale the community of digital thought leaders driving this important channel.  By creating connections among influencers around the world, SMW is providing a valuable service to consumers and brands alike.”

In addition to Weber Shandwick, confirmed content curators in New York include: MTV, Financial Times,  New York Times, Frog Design, the New York Public Library, Edelman, the Barbarian Group, Saatchi Wellness, 360i, GOOD, The Personal Democracy Forum, Morris & King, Deep Focus, Publicity Club of New York, Fenton Communications, Wholefoods, Foodspotting, DotBox, Comedy Central and many more to be added.  Confirmed speakers include JWT’s David Eastman; Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley; Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg; John Winsor, founder and CEO of agency Victors & Spoils; with many more to be announced.

Social Media Week New York is one of nine cities simultaneously hosting Social Media Week this year, along with London, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Toronto, Hong Kong, São Paulo, and now Istanbul, which was added to the global lineup this week.

Global support for Social Media Week is led by mobile communications giant NOKIA, with additional support from global partners Meebo, a social platform with more than 180 million users; and JWT. Other brands involved around the world include Google,Vodafone, Oi Telecommunications (Brazil) and Fiat Motors.

The strength of Social Media Week lies in the collaborative efforts of the community.  There are many ways to get involved in the conference. To participate as a brand partner, sponsor, event host, panel speaker or volunteer, please visit: http://socialmediaweek.org/get-involved.

You can see a full version of the release here: http://bit.ly/hPghw5

For all press and media inquires, please contact Ben Scheim of Crowdcentric/Social Media Week at +1-347-224-3996 or by email at ben@crowdcentric.net.

Social Media Week’s Second Annual Conference in New York Doubles in Size and Is Expected to Reach More Than 3,000 Attendees

SMW_logo_newyork_web_wideSocial Media Week’s second annual conference launches on February 1st, 2010 and will take place simultaneously in New York City, Berlin, London, San Francisco, Toronto and São Paulo.

The scope of Social Media Week New York has doubled in size from its inception in 2009, with more than 70 events currently scheduled over the course of the five-day series. Headline events in New York include “Branding the Future with Social Engagement,” sponsored by Pepsi Refresh; “Social Media & the Haiti Disaster,” hosted by The New York Times; “Understanding Social Graph Optimization,” sponsored by Meebo and hosted by JWT; “The Future of Space & Time and the Proliferation of Location-based Media,” hosted by Wired & McGraw-Hill’s Digital Innovation Showcase: The Impact of Social Media in Higher Education.

Other seminars throughout the course of the week will cover the impact of social media on topics including arts & culture, sports, healthcare, education, entertainment, music, fashion & beauty, news, politics and brand communications. The events will take place in some of New York’s most prestigious venues, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Conde Nast building, The New York Times headquarters, IDEO, JWT, The Paley Center for Media and the Time & Life Building.

“The breadth and diversity of Social Media Week events across all the participating cities is a reflection of social media’s role in modern society,” said Toby Daniels, founder and executive director, Social Media Week. “The growth of social media has become so profound that it now has an impact on nearly everything around us, from reforming the way doctors communicate with patients to the way teachers interact with their students.  Our hope is that Social Media Week will promote the effective uses of social media and also help advance our understanding of how to leverage it for future benefit.”

Activities in New York kick off on Monday morning with the opening press conference. Presenting speakers include the Paley Center for Media’s Chief Operating Officer Christy Carpenter; Pip Marquez de la Plata, chief marketing officer of Meebo; Frank Cooper, PepsiCo’s chief engagement officer; and the CEO of New York-based digital agency Deep Focus, Ian Schafer.

“Social Media Week is one of the premier events in the space and provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of social media on business and culture today,” said Stephanie Agresta, executive vice president, global director, digital strategy & social media at Porter Novelli. “As global media partner for Social Media Week, we are delighted to help draw people to the events worldwide and, ultimately, facilitate ongoing conversations about this incredibly valuable and constantly evolving communications vehicle.”

Pip Marquez de la Plata, chief marketing officer of Meebo added, “As social media continues to evolve, we believe it’s critical to bring people together to discuss its potential for publishers, brands and consumers.  Social Media Week is on outstanding outlet to do just that.”

For more information on Social Media Week and to find out how to register for events in each city visit http://socialmediaweek.org.

Here’s a quick list of a handful of events that still have capacity:

3D and the Future of Home Entertainment, hosted by Sony WonderLabs

RSVP here:  http://smwnysony.eventbrite.com/

The Official PressLift Launch Party
RSVP here:  http://smwnycpresslift.eventbrite.com/

Crowdsourcery Potions 101: Why Some Marketing Potions Fail and Others Thrive, Hosted By JWT
RSVP here:  http://smwnyccrowdsource.eventbrite.com/

The Role of Social Media in Digital Storytelling, hosted by SMAC
RSVP here: http://socialmedia.rfistudios.com/

Social CRM & Lead-Generation on Twitter for Business Teams (Webinar)
RSVP here:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/740396969

The Future of Social Media in Higher Education – Hosted by McGraw-Hill Student Innovations
RSVP here:  http://mcgraw-hill-socialmedia.eventbrite.com/

The Beauty of Social Commerce: An Interview with Ted Rubin PLEASE EMAIL andrea.Abrahamson@Mutopo.com TO REQUEST AN INVITATION

The Suxorz: The Worst Social Media Campaigns of ’09
RSVP: http://suxorz10.eventbrite.com/

Social Media Week NYC: Initial Agenda of Events

After months of collaboration we are delighted to release the initial agenda for Social Media Week NYC. In addition to what you can see here, we also plan to add at least another fifteen events to the program over the course of the next few days.

You can view the initial agenda here: http://socialmediaweek.org/newyork/schedule/


Attendees will be given a full two weeks to register for events. Registration will be on a per event basis, allowing you to build a personal program that is specific and relevant to you.

If you want to receive updates you can follow @smwnyc on Twitter.  If you would like to be notified when registration goes live, please email info@socialmediaweekny.com.

Thanks to Social Media Week’s Title Sponsor Meebo and Supporting Sponsor Pepsico and Pepsi Refresh, almost every event hosted during Social Media Week will be free to attend.  Thanks also to our Media & Communication partners, The New York Times, Mashable, PSFK, 360i & PressLift and of course to our fantastic Advisory Board for helping to put together Social Media Week NYC.