The New Millennial Model For Business In 5 Key Words

Passion. Purpose. Platform. These three key elements for social success have been recurring themes in sessions throughout Social Media Week NYC, and are useful reminders of why we do what we do.

Elise Andrew of “i fucking love science,” Rachel Gogel of The New York Times, and Jeremy Cabalona of Vine participated in a session called “The New Millennial Model for Business” which introduced two other crucial elements for the social sphere: freedom and fearlessness.

“Add your own voice if you’ve got something better to say,” advised Elise, telling the audience to ignore the naysayers and embrace risks.

For Elise, Rachel, and Jeremy, the need for passion and inspiration in their work has led them to bigger and more challenging opportunities at each step of their professional paths. Yet, fear – that we’re saying the right things, doing the right things, shielding ourselves the right way – can often hold us back as both individuals and brands. And, while a little caution can be a healthy and necessary barrier from disaster, these three stories offered a helpful glimpse into what freedom and experimentation can do to open avenues that didn’t previously exist.

What did I take from the discussion? Well:

  • The best managers will offer you both guidance and the freedom to test new ideas, new platforms, new ways of doing things.
  • In the social realm, age isn’t as important as how involved you are.
  • Don’t be insular. Look at your social ecosystem for inspiration, but get out there as well. Expose yourself to new people, exhibits, art, etc.
  • This industry is changing at an incredibly fast pace. Keep your mind open and your skills fresh. As Jeremy said, “Who knows what the landscape will look like in five years?”
  • Be confident. Put yourself and your ideas out there, and see where they take you.

Be bold, add your voice, and drop an f-bomb or two. As Rachel reminded us, “Chance can happen to you, but chance can also happen because of you.”