Welcome Back: The Future of Now & Official Campus at Highline Stages

Social Media Week is built on the belief that we should better understand how technology is compelling us to be always-on and always-connected, and how it is providing new inspiration for how we live, work and create.

The framework for this discussion will be our global theme for 2014: The Future of Now, which will explore the latest ideas, trends, and best practices and how it directly impacts our relationships with and in business, society and culture.

This year, SMW NYC reinvents itself with a new vision for how we can bring people together. Over the course of the week in February, we will gather 10,000 hyper-connected individuals in New York City to discuss how to be MORE present living in our networked age, how to build purpose into our communications, and how to be a more sustainable and connected brand.


For the first time we’re introducing a central campus experience, comprised of three main stages, masterclass workshops, co-working and collaboration spaces, lounges, and private meeting rooms. Campus will also debut the Digital Native Brands Marketplace, which will bring together brands and digitally connected consumers; The Future of Now Public Exhibition, which will show us how global brands are shaping our future; and a CMO Summit exclusively for senior marketers focusing on the future of brand communications. All of this in our new Campus will be hosted at Highline Stages.

As part of this new Campus experience, you will forge new relationships with like-minded professionals, gain insight into how to apply systemic changes to your life and work, and deepen your understanding for what the future will look like. We can’t wait to show it to you.

Join us February 17-21 at Highline Stages to see it in action.

Architects, Inventors, & Collaborators: SMW NYC Daily Themes

Two ideas linked together because of one bond.

No restrictions or barriers, leading to a transparent ecosystem.

These two words are the centerpiece of our global theme. Open & Connected: Principles for a Collaborative World. But what does that look like here in NYC? Using it as our framework, we want to explore the archetypes that will help create that collaborative world- the Architects, the Inventors, and the Collaborators.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll present a different archetype and focus on how that role is crucial in creating a more open and connected environment.

The Architects: Creating an Open World
We know that people around the globe are innovating and interacting together through the use of social and digital media at an ever-increasing rate. However, many of our traditional systems and structures inhibit, rather than promote, those ideals and interaction. On Tuesday, February 19th, we will address ways in which we can rethink traditional structures to be more reflective of a 21st Century World that thrives on openness and collaboration. Our goal is to challenge you to think big about new structures.

The Inventors: Making Your Own Future
Technology is empowering individuals to direct their own future through sparking change, pursuing creative endeavors, and finding economic stability in nontraditional ways. Wednesday, February 20th, will focus on how we can use new tools to take the future into our own hands, inspiring you to ask what your role will be in this changing world and how you can get there.

The Collaborators: Innovating Together
Collaboration is becoming increasingly essential to accelerate and amplify the flow of ideas. Thursday, February 21st, will feature discussions on how allowing open innovation and collaboration to permeate more of our society and business culture will be a key component of securing our future. We want to explore what that looks like together, as a society and a world.

Structures, individuals, and society. They all play a role and we can’t wait to explore them with you and how it will help us build a more collaborative world. Just a little more inspiration as you brainstorm how to join the conversation this SMW NYC!

Image courtesy Charlot Group.

Empowering Change Through Collaboration

copyright (c) Tom Giebel

Following mass gatherings around the world in Spain and the Middle East, over the past month New York City has found itself in the center of a growing sense of American discontent. Whether a supporter of the cause(s) or not, one cannot deny the reach that the occupation of Wall Street and, on a larger level, NYC has extended. Now spanning over 1000 cities globally, NYC has become a focal point of mobilization of groups around the world crying for social change.

As we lead up to Social Media Week February, our global theme of Empowering Change Through Collaboration is increasingly evident. We are excited to delve into the role that social media plays in change. To help us elucidate on the global theme, author and luminary Don Tapscott will be releasing bi-weekly discussions on a number of topics where we can empower change through collaboration.

In addition to Don’s regular discussions, we will be examining how this is playing out locally- here in NYC. Keeping in line with our global theme, we’ll be examining areas of Education & Learning, Health & Wellness, Energy & Environment, Politics & Government, Media & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Banking & Finance, Transportation & Mobility, Art & Culture and Marketing & Advertising.













And we want your participation. There are various ways you can get involved with Social Media Week NYC–from small contributions to linchpin roles.

  • Become a Hub Partner.
    If you or your company is interested in spearheading the conversation around one of our core areas this February, consider being a Content Hub! We’re looking for organizations that embody these areas and are thinking creatively around these pivotal topics. Email us for more details.
  • Submit an Event.
    Our first set of events will be released November 15th–submit your event now and have yours be on that list. Spice things up by considering an interactive discussion, moving sessions, or gaming elements in addition to the standard panels. Looking for ideas?
    Check out some posts by our own Ben Scheim and Toby Daniels.
  • Become a Sponsor.
    If you are looking to play a larger role in NYC’s Social Media Week, consider our various sponsorship opportunities with customized packages for exposure and promotion, from local to multi-city to global levels. Additionally, Social Media Week’s core objective is to provide content and information to attendees through open and free sessions–your sponsorship help makes SMW happen. Learn more about the opportunities available here.
  • Volunteer.
    Making sure all those innovative events run smoothly takes a lot of hands. If you are more of a behind-the-scenes person, consider helping our team out! We’re looking for some amazing volunteers who are organized, self-starters, friendly and energetic to help with everything from pre-February organization to week of logistics. If that sounds like you, sign up here.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing more in-depth info on how you can take part, featuring New Yorkers who are empowering change through collaboration in these various roles. In the meantime, please share your thoughts with us about the global theme and what can be done in New York to create sustainable change- and the role you see social media playing.

We’re all looking forward to the best Social Media Week yet.

Social Media Week Returns to New York

We’re back! We are excited to announce that Social Media Week returns to New York February 13-17. New York joins Paris, Rome, London, Washington DC, Miami, Toronto, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo in examining how social media Empowers Change through Collaborative Engagement.

This global theme is our call to action. We want to explore how social media empowers citizens, increases mobility, enables mass collaboration, develops hyperlocalism, maximizes interconnectedness, fosters knowledge creation & sharing, bolsters leadership, and encourages global empathy. During Social Media Week New York, we’ll be tackling this theme in the topics of: Education & Learning, Health & Wellbeing, Energy & Environment, Politics & Government, Media & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Banking & Finance, Transportation & Mobility, Art & Culture and Marketing & Advertising.

Social Media Week relies on the collaborative efforts of each city. That’s where you come in. As we prepare over the coming weeks, we want to hear from you! How do you see social media empowering us in these areas? Share with the city by submitting an event and hosting your own session.

Thanks for helping make Social Media Week New York a success in the past- and we look forward to seeing what we produce together this February.