Events Guide for SMWNYC

Things get lost in the shuffle. We get it. And with less than a week to the kickoff of SMWNYC, there’s a lot going on. But to get the most out of SMWNYC, you have to be prepared. So, register NOW. Events are filling up fast, and we want your SMWNYC experience to be the best possible. If you wait to tomorrow, it just may not be open.

With everything going on, there are a handful of activities that are truly not to be missed. So, while we think you should take part in as many events as possible, we think these may help epitomize the SMWNYC experience (in no particular order):


  1. Keynote: John Bell on the Insidious Plot to Socialize the Enterprise
  2. Valerie Buckingham on This is your Brand on Ziplines: Authenticity Through Social Media
  3. Introducing NYPL Labs: Making Collections Accessible Through Collaboration
  4. Global Keynote: Don Tapscott on Re-Civilization: Empowering Change Through Collaboration


  1. Interview: John Katzman & Jeremy Johnson on The Future of Higher Education: Will Colleges Survive?
  2. Keynote: Gabe Zichermann on The Business of Fun: How Gamification Will Change Your Organization
  3. Beyond the Like: Using Real People’s Real Stories to Drive Brand Awareness
  4. Do It for Love AND Money: The SMW Valentine’s Day Guide to Riches


  1. Social TV: Opportunities for Broadcasters & Advertisers
  2. Reflecting on the 54th GRAMMY Awards- Digital Partnerships, Social Media & Innovation
  3. The Changing Face of Tech: Click Here for Beauty
  4. COMMON Pitch NYC
  5. HackEDU- How Tech is Disrupting Education in Order to Save It


  1. Keynote: Douglas Rushkoff on When Change is Always On
  2. Keynote: Rohit Bhargava on the Seductive Myth of Brand Storytelling: Why Some Work and Most Don’t


  1. In the Twitter Kitchen: A Modern Cookie Bake-off
  2. The Guardian Interviews, Hosted on the Nokia Global Stage at Big Fuel: Alec Ross
  3. How Socially-Enabled Feedback Loops are Strengthening Your Wellness
  4. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll: Social’s Steamy Side
  5. Left Brain Meets Right Brain- The Blueprints for a Sophisticated Social Marketing Campaign